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Gosh, half way through half term already! Where does the time go? The days seem long and yet when I look back, time has flown by. I know that makes no sense but it's true.
Anyway, here are this weeks best and worst moments & things to look forward to.

  • It totally sucks that Halloween falls on a school day this year. We'll have to have a build up to it over the weekend. We usually spend the day doing Halloween arts & crafts and watching family Halloween movies. I shared a few of our favourite Halloween movies here
  • The dentist has cancelled Ellie's appointment AGAIN! We've two appointments out of the four, the other two have also been cancelled. This appointment was a rescheduled one and it's been cancelled again. I understand these things happen but I prepare Ellie for it (because she's been referred to a special dentist as she has a phobia and we have to go at an Ellie speed pace) and then have to prepare her all over again when it's rescheduled. *sigh* It's just one of those things and I know I shouldn't complain about it but eh. At least she's had an X-Ray and we have established that she is going to need a brace and probably quite soon.
  • My headaches have still been quite bad but not as bad as it's been in the past. I'm going to the doctors Friday. I know he won't be able to do much because it's a rare brain disease (although I prefer the word condition over disease!) but I do need for it to be logged just in case I end up needing to see the neurologist. 
  • Because of the above reason, I have failed blogtober. Boo! I did well at the start of the month though. My health has to come first! 
  • We have had a fairly chilled half term so far. We went to town yesterday so the kids could spend there Birthday money! Harry decided on some points for the XBOX, Charlie picked an XBOX game and Ellie picked a little doll set. We enjoyed a lovely lunch - hot sausage roll and I treated the kids to a cake. They've been really well behaved this half term. (Touch wood, haha). I'm actually not looking forward to them going back to school, I will miss them.
  • Ellie got all her answers right for her telling the time test! I am SO proud of her, she worked so hard on learning to tell the time. She can actually tell the time but gets a couple mixed up. 
  • I found some bargain books for 20p each again. Including Fangirl, I can't believe it was only 20 pence! Bargain. I'm having a little break from reading now though because of my headaches.
  • We have my niece around to to play, it's nice for Ellie to have someone to play with. We have spent the morning colouring in Halloween pictures that I printed out. 

  • Harrys 13th Birthday last week - I still can not believe he is THIRTEEN! He had a lovely Birthday though and got some really awesome gifts.
  • We also decorated this epic skull mini gift bags for Halloween!! Aren't they fab? 

Halloween gift bags for trick or treating for kids

Things to look forward to:
  • Halloween!! And everything that comes with it. Halloween baking, the movies... Trick or Treating and so on! The kids are super excited too. Must pick up a pumpkin or two at some point. 
  • Having Ellie's dentist treatment over and done with. I feel for her. 
  • Parents evening is next week, I am looking forward to that, too. I think the boys parents evening is probably coming up to :) 
  • Starting Christmas shopping. I haven't bought a thing yet. Eek. 
So those are our best and worst moments and bullet point update on life! How has your week been? I hope you've all had a wonderful week with more positives than negatives.

Sarah xXx
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  1. Those are some seriously awesome sugar skull bags - well done! Hope your headaches disappear soon.

  2. Those candy skull halloween bags are amazing!!! I'm looking forward to halloween too!!

    1. SO impressed with your candy skull bags! And fully sympathise with dental issues - I'm still scared now!

  3. Ah Happy 13th birthday Harry! Also I am sorry to hear about the dentist I can imagine that's SO annoying, especially when you take the time to make Ellie feel better x

  4. That's so annoying about the dentist appointments, it must be so tough. I'm surprised kids don't have Monday off school for Halloween to be honest x

  5. A chilled out half term sounds lovely #sharewithme

  6. LOVE your Halloween bags - we've made similar style masks as we're off to a day of the dead festival on Saturday x

  7. I hate dentist appointments - she will definitely be more brave than me! I am so looking forward to spending Halloween indoors, watching horror movies and eating candy!

  8. Your health definitely has to come first hun, I hope your headaches will get better love xxx

  9. Wow, I love the Halloween bags. It is rubbish that Halloween falls on a Monday isn't it.

  10. I'm looking forward to Halloween as well! And those bags you decorated look awesome :)

  11. I am gutted that Halloween falls on a school day too :(

  12. Sorry to hear about your headaches - it's impossible to keep up with blogging when you're not feeling well, I know I've slipped a lot lately for the same reason. There's so much to love about Halloween though, isn't there? I love your skull bags, super cute! Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  13. Those bags look fab! Thanks for linking to #sharwithme

  14. Happy birthday Harry! Sorry to hear about you're headaches but you're right health definitely comes first. I hope you've had a nice weekend preparing for Halloween and enjoy the day tomo, even though it's a school day. Thanks for linking with us at #familyfun

  15. Sorry to hear your health is bad, hope you can get it sorted. It's annoying you had some dentist appointments cancelled. Halloween sounds like it's going to be fun in your house! Have fun! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun


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