Enjoying GO AHEAD! Healthy Snacks {Review}


Go Ahead! Sent us a lovely box of snacks to review.
Go Ahead! Have a wide range of delicious and satisfying snacks that are carefully portioned so you can snack the smart way! Go Ahead! snacks are have a wide range of healthy snacks. We were sent the Yogurt Breaks, Crispy Slices.Fruity Breaks and Cookie Bites.

GO AHEAD!  Healthy Snacks review

First of all we tried the yogurt breaks which are light and crispy biscuits with a fruit flavoured filling and are topped with a yummy yogurty topping. The banana yogurt breaks have a banana falvour filling, they're ever so light and so delicious, as are the cherry ones! The cherry yogurt breaks we found tasted really fruity! Each box contains 5 individual packs and each pack contains two slices. They're a really good size and make the perfect healthier snack!

GO AHEAD!  Healthy Snacks - Yogurt breaks review

GO AHEAD!  Healthy Snacks low in calories {review}

Ellie was all "I really love the cherry yogurt snacks best but they're all so yummy"
The yogurt breaks come in five flavours. The flavours include - Raspberry, Cherry, Tropical, Banana and Forest fruit. Each yogurt break contains only 73 calories! That's pretty impressive for such a yummy snack! I personally really like the banana flavour but they're all very tasty. Charlie said that he thought the top tasted perfectly like yogurt and is quite creamy. Yum!

GO AHEAD!  crispy slices review

The kids couldn't wait to try the crispy slices! The crispy slices are light,thin and very crispy biscuits that contain a fruit flavoured filling. They are very crispy indeed and quite sweet. I really enjoyed the orange flavour but the apple ones are yummy, too! All three kids really liked them but I think these were probably Harry's favourite! Each slice contains: 57 calories, 1.0g of fat, 0.1g of saturated fat and 5.3g of sugar, they're very low in salt (0.1g). The crispy slice range contain 7 flavours - forest fruits, orange, apple, red cherry, raspberry , blueberry & strawberry! The crispy slices come in packs 5 and each pack contains 3 slices. Priced at just £1.65, I'd say they're the perfect healthy snack and are well worth the money!

Fruit bakes from Go Ahead! Review

The fruity bakes are golden baked bars, filled with a tasty fruit flavoured filling. They come in two flavours - Sassy Strawberry and a-peeling! apple. We tried the strawberry flavoured ones. The kids absolutely loved them. The bar itself is soft with a slight crisp and a soft fruit filling. "They're perfect for snack time at school" Charlie told me and he's right, they are. They're quite sweet and very delicious. I really like these and so do the kids! They're actually pretty filling.
The strawberry fruity bakes contain 133 calories per bar and the apple flavour contained 129 calories per bar. Each box of Go Ahead! fruity bakes contain 6 individual bars. RRP £1.99.

Next we tried the cookie bites. The new crunchy mini cookies with chocolate chip and bursts of fruity flavour. These are perfect for when you're craving something sweet as they're a healthy option. (As are all the snacks mentioned in this post!)

Go ahead mini cookies reivew - healthy cookies

The mini cookies are perfect bite size. They come in individual packets. Each bag contains 6 packets of mini cookies. The 'cheeky chocolate and orange' ones are quite chocolatey but not too much and they have a scrumptious orange flavour to them, too. They contain chocolate chips. Of course these are the kids favourite of all the snacks we tried! The white chocolate & raspberry biscuits are also the perfect bite size. They have a slight raspberry taste but taste very much like white chocolate. "I LOVE the raspberry flavour" Ellie declared rather loudly, haha.
The white chocolate and raspberry cookies contain 99 calories and the chocolate and orange cookies contain 98 calories!

All the snacks mentioned above would be perfect for lunch boxes too (depends on schools individual policies). They're all very reasonably priced and much lower in calories and healthier than other sweet snacks. All three of my children absolutely love them all. They are a huge hit with the kids and myself. I'll certainly purchase these snacks in the future.
You can find out more information about Go Ahead! snacks over on there website! You can also follow Go Ahead! over on Twitter

What's your favourite healthy snack?

Sarah xXx

A Cornish Mum

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(We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own, honest, personal opinion. I was not paid for this post)

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  1. I tried most of these snacks and I actually love them!

  2. I have tried a few things from the Go ahead range but I haven't seen the cookie bites before. I must look out for those :D x

  3. Ooh yes those cookie bites! Will be looking for those this weekend, we usually buy the crispy slices. #picknmix

  4. I love healthy snacks! My favourite is probably homemade vegan (sugar free) chocolate :)

  5. We love these as a family, it's the only healthy thing he'll eat.

  6. I have actually become addicted to the yogurt breaks. No joke I really really have. They're yum #kcacols

  7. I am always buying these for a quick snack or breakfast on the go #KCACOLS

  8. I really like Go Ahead bars, they are pretty much the only healthy snack I like that I don't make myself. Those cookies look yummy!

  9. I haven't been a fan of the fruity bars but those cookie bites look like they could be right up my street! #kcacols

  10. The soft bakes are lovely! As you said, they are great for snacking.

  11. What a lovely box of goodies. They look yummy.

  12. I love go ahead treats esp the crispy slices, I love anything with berry flavours x

  13. Always handy to have some treats that are not too bad for you around the house #TriedTested

  14. I love these and I've actually got a pack of the crispy slices in the cupboard, might go grab some now this post has left me peckish xx #picknmix

  15. I've never tried Go Ahead before but these actually look really nice! I'm bad at snacking (or good at it but bad at the choice of snack) and really would like to substitute my choccy snacks fro a healthy-er alternative. These look perfect!

    Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS and hope to see you again soon x

  16. I love the sound of the cookie bites! My children love the yogurt breaks. #mmbc

  17. I agree I really do love these snacks too!! #KCACOLS

  18. Ooh I love Go Ahead for snacks, especially the crispy slices. Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix Stevie x

  19. I really like the yoghurt breaks. Not tried the cookies yet but sound nice. #picknmix

  20. I haven't tried these before - I need to try them x

  21. I haven't eaten these for years but used to like them at my desk pre-children! #TriedTested


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