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I'm finding it really difficult to find the positives this week. It's not even been THAT bad of a week. I'm just not sure many positive things have happened... I think I'll start with the negatives and work my way through.

The best and worst moments this week


  • This is one of those negatives and positives. Ellie will have to have a brace. Her top two teeth are biting down on her bottom teeth which is causing problems. She's only nine years old. Although this is also a positive because it's being sorted out sooner rather than later so it isn't really a bad thing. Except she's terrified of the thought and I feel for her. I really do.  
  • Ellie has also been poorly with a cold and sore throat and running a temperature but she seems to have improved so fingers crossed she can go to school tomorrow!  
  • Harry has broken his bed. No idea how he's managed it but perhaps it's fixable! I hope so because he's only had the bed 18 months! 
  • My headache is much better! Thank goodness and touch wood. I suffer with a brain disease "IIH". I've also had some severe numbness in my hands and arms, especially the left side of my body but that seems to have improved. 
  • I've recently finished reading "Behind Closed Doors". Very good book! Although it does touch on some very difficult topics it is a great read if you like thrillers! (Book review here if anyone is interested)
  • We were lucky enough to be sent some lovely bath and skin care products for children to review! The kids LOVED them. You can read our review here

Marili skincare for kids review
  • I saw my mum briefly last week, which was lovely. She works a lot so I don't often get to see her so when I do see her, we have a really good catch up and chat. Always makes me smile, hehe. 
  • The kids are all doing well at school. Charlie especially has been making a really good effort with keeping on top of his homework. He was struggling to begin with. High school is so much harder than primary school but he's getting the hang of it now.
 Things to look forward to:
  • The upcoming parents evenings. 
  • All the Christmas festivities which seem to be starting early this year! 
  • Doing more Christmas shopping this week! I really NEED to be organised this year. 
There seem to be more positives that I first thought and I'm feeling much more positive after writing them all down! The positives out weigh the negatives again, hoorah!
What are your best and worst moments this week? Or what are you most looking forward to?

Sarah xXx
Best of Worst

A Cornish Mum
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  1. I had braces twice growing up - you get used to it very quickly and she'll have a lovely smile once it's over! I love a good catch up with my mum too #bestandworst

  2. I'm with you - a good dose of Christmas shopping is always something to look forward to. The festivities cannot start early enough for me! x #bestandworst

  3. Poorly kids makes everything feel a bit blurr! Glad your headache is gone and hopefully some fun things ahead, well done the kids at school. #BestWorst

  4. Ah I've had some lovely positives this week combined with some very down moments - particularly concerning the state of political affairs and what will happen with Mr Trump in power! But, I'm really looking forward to Christmas and am focusing on that :)

  5. Always good to write things down because in a bad week it can be easy to forget there was some good, too, hey! I never needed braces as a child, but I have just got braces now as a 30 something mum! They're clear ones but I do wish I'd had them earlier. She'll be fine and if my nephew's friends are anything to go by, they're actually pretty cool! 😘


  6. Sounds like a positive week. I always intend to be organised with the Christmas shopping but don't like starting till December so I am my own worst enemy really!

  7. Yay its great that you had so many positives after all! A positive of mine is getting half of the Christmas shopping sorted :) #picknmix

  8. I have that book on my to read list, sounds really good. I am looking forward to going to my kids parent evening next week.

  9. It always feel so good when your kids are doing well at school and so nice to have fun things coming up (good luck with the parents' evening!).

  10. Ahh bless you I don't think this was too much of a negative post, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  11. Such a nice idea to write down the positives and negatives. My 15 year old is on a waiting list for getting a brace and I know she's not looking forward to it, but like you, I'm glad it's getting sorted. The bath and skincare products look fab, I really like the packaging!

  12. I really enjoy this kind of post. I have a mini daily diary on Listography showcasing the positives and negatives of each day.

    Christmas shopping is so exciting! AAghhh!!! I really need to get on that, myself!

  13. My daughter was ten when they said she would need braces, by the time she'd waited for an assessment and then her first appointment she was in Year 7. She's now in Year 9 and doesn't want her braces off, she want to keep them forever???? #MMBC x

  14. The best thing about writing down your positive things is realising that the week hasn't been as bad as you thought! Christmas festivities do seem to have started early don't they? I'm not complaining, I love Christmas!

  15. The dentist thinks that both of my boys will need braces too, but then my sister had them when we were younger and she has great teeth now so I'm almost jealous I didn't have them ;) Sounds like mostly a good week lovely.

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  16. Worst moments for me have to be both kids having bugs - requiring lots of cleaning up (I won't go into gory details!) #picknmix


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