1 down, 31 to go.


I've managed to update my blog for one whole week! That's #30 of my Summer Bucket List. Ok so I know it isn't a huge thing but at least I achieved it, right?
Also, does anyone know how to do the links along the top of the page, it says in the design section that I've already added it but it's not there & I haven't added it.

I have no water in my taps :( The plumber is coming out to fix it. See, the other day the plumber had to flush the whole heating system & has obviously forgotten to turn the water back on at the mains in the loft. So yeah, left with no water. It ran out last night. Soonest the plumber could get here was today... I am still waiting *sigh* I really hope he's here soon, the kids need baths (as do I). Thankfully my water tap in the kitchen is connected to a different system so I have water in that tap! It's something we take for granted. We don't realise how much we depend/need water until it's gone.

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