Woohoo it's finally Friday! I feel absolutely exhausted today! See, I decided that I needed to *ME* time (watching random stuff on youtube, listening to 'keep calm and relax' album etc) so I stayed up late last night thinking "oh it's ok I can nap tomorrow". Only problem with that was I forgot that the plumber/heating engineer was coming to fix the boiler and flush out the whole heating system this morning at 8am. Somehow I managed not to write it down on the calender. It takes pretty much most of the day. There goes my nap... So instead me and Ellie have been doing puzzles, pottering around doing housework (with Ellies "help" lol) & doing laundry. Its now 11am and I am just SO tired. I know, it really IS my own fault. Early night tonight. No, really, I MEAN it, I NEED an early night tonight!

I need to get back into reading, I have a few new books to read but the last few days I just haven't really be bothered. I've picked up my e-reader a couple of times but I can't get into anything. I did start re-reading fifty shades again but the problem is, I think I might ruin the movie for myself. I really NEED Ian Somerhalder to be Christian Grey.

Hmm, how many times have I mentioned the word 'NEED'?! lol. This is a very needy post, haha.

Harry has football club after school today, I am hoping it doesn't rain so that I can take Ellie & Charlie to the play park near the school, otherwise I have to come home and then leave 10 mins later to collect Harry from football. Going to the park is so much easier, lol. We've not been to the park for a good couple of weeks as the weather has been so unpredictable! I think the kiddies would love a trip to the play park :)

Sarah xXx

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