Sleep deprived.


*Yawn* I am so very tired. I think I've had about 5 hours sleep in the last 72 hours. Friday night I didn't go to sleep until late watching random youtube videos (I haven;t done that for ages!) thinking that I would at least get a 7:30am lay in... how wrong I was, the kids were up at 5:45am yesterday morning.

Last night I slept at my brothers with Ellie while the boys were at there dads. My brother and his fiancée had a BBQ birthday for my niece (who turned one today) and I wanted to be there to help them do whatever. I didn't sleep too great to be honest, I never sleep properly in someone else's home, I like my own bed. No, I LOVE my own bed, lol. 
I had a fab day though, was nice to see everyone! And lovely to be there for my nieces first birthday. She definitely enjoyed her day, as did all the other kids and adults, too! The kids had a brilliant time on the bouncy castle. I do have pictures but  you know how much I suck at posting pictures. If I had paintshop pro on this laptop then I would post pics more often but it's not very often I have time to sit on the computer (Well, laptop plugged into a monitor)  to water mark pics. And when I do get time I really just can not be bothered. 

Not sure what this week is going to bring yet. Neurologist has cancelled my appointment this Thursday (again!) something to do with 'unforeseen circumstances'. I will have to get my GP to find me another neurologist I think. I have been suffering with headaches on and off lately but they're more painful than they were a month ago so something is going on inside my head, lol. I'm guessing the pressure/fluid is starting to built up again. How I wish this IIH would go away. 

Anyway I need to go and mop the kitchen floor and sort out the school uniforms for tomorrow, usually everything is done by now but I have had a bit of a chaotic weekend and my routine is all out of whack. At least the kids got to bed on time, even if Ellie is singing to herself in bed lol. Aww I love my little family <3 

Sarah xXx

P.s I gave my blog a makeover but I really don't like it. I want something with butterflies/lilacs but I don't seem to be able to find anything like that anywhere... at least not with a matching banner and all the dividers and stuff. Hmm.

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