Such fun


Hello to my new readers :-)

I am SO glad it's the weekend.
the kids slept in until 9am this morning!!!!!! First time they have ever slept that late! It was a well needed sleep in, that's for sure.
The boys have gone to there dads for the weekend so it's just been me and Ellie here today. I've potted about the house, doing the odd chore here and there, watched some Miranda series one. Gosh, I love her. Such fun.
Ellies friend is here (who happens to be my best friends daughter) playing with her barn toy and watching cartoons.
Over all, it's been a chilled out day so far. I am going to get the school uniforms done ready for Monday (because I hate that job and would rather get it over & done with). Also, going to have a nice hot relaxing bath soon, I treated myself to some AVON massage oil and bath oil, I'll be using it as bath oil. It smells lush.

Anyhoo, must dash, the girls are wanting me to get some puzzles out for them to play with :)

Sarah xXx

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