Boys will be boys.


I'm really trying hard to write in my blog every day for a week because t's on my summer bucket list.
Yesterday afternoon I got to spend some time with my BFF, we sat outside in the garden, having a chat while the kids played in the garden. It was nice! It was nice to have some adult company and conversation. 

Charlie fell off his scooter this afternoon, he cut his lip, his elbow, his fingers & grazed under his nose. Poor little dude. I felt so bad for him. I of course put a cold cloth on his wounds and gave him plenty of hugs and kisses. Ten minutes later he wanted to go back outside in the garden and play. Thankfully his lip hasn't swelled and t he grazes are slightly red. The way he was crying though I thought he had broken a leg or an arm or something. The tears soon stopped though. Cake also helped make it better, hehe. 
Boys will be boys. All three of my kids seem very accident prone. 

Right must get off the computer, it's almost the two younger ones bedtime! (I can not wait 'til it's my bedtime, I am shattered, nothing new there though, lol) 

Sarah xXx

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