Fifty Shades Of Grey. (My opinion)


So I am going to attempt one of the things off my Summer bucket list 2012. Number 30 to be exact - Blog everyday for one whole week. (Ha we'll see how I go with this)

Today I thought I would post my opinions on the Fifty Shades series.

A friend of mine recommended I read The Fifty shades books. I looked online and read
about what the story was about, I must admit I thought to myself "No way are these my kind of books, erotic stories? Naa not very me"  I won't lie, they are not my usual read.
 I don't usually DO erotic stories but from the moment I started reading I just could not put the books down. I was hooked. Seriously. I read the first book within hours and then the other two books. I read them in just under a week and was left speechless. I fell in love with Ana and Christians relationship (or should I call him Mr Grey ;)). I could not wait to see what happened next, I found myself rushing the books just to see what would happen next. Amazing!!! I wont lie, the books are poorly written IMO but that doesn't matter - I fell in love with the story. I really HOPE there is another book and SOON! I am going to re-read the books again because I rushed the first time. I really miss reading the books!
If you haven't read it, I recommend you do.

I can't wait for the movie, I know that they are going to do a movie (according to many, many websites). Not sure how they'll do it without all the erotic stuff though.. I'm intrigued to find out. Also, I think Ian Somerhalder (aka Damon from vampire diaries) would be the perfect person to play Christian Grey.
That's all.

Sarah xXx

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