Just another manic Monday


Gosh. I am having on of *those* days today. My hot water wasn't working this morning, apparently it's fixed now. And I do have running water again. However, I am not convinced the hot water is actually fixed. My heating is now turning itself on & off. The lumber will have to come back in the week and get it all fixed, he said an electrician is also needed, thank goodness I don't have to pay for the repairs as I am a council tenant. What a kurfuffle though.
Also couldn't get the laptop to charge today, turned out it was a dodgy plug socket. I will be getting the electrician to fix that, too.

Okay, enough of my moaning now. The boys are at school. It's my middle sons sports day tomorrow, I am really excited as is he. I hope it doesn't rain, the forecast looks ok for tomorrow so fingers crossed. Also have parents evening for my daughter tomorrow. Well, my appointment is 1pm so it's more like parents afternoon, lol. I can't wait to see the work she has been doing at nursery! Eee. I still can not believe she will be starting primary school in September! Madness. Wednesday is my eldest sons sports day. I'm excited about that, too although it is suppose to rain so we'll see what happens.
In amongst all of that I need to fit in grocery shopping. Fun times, lol.

The other day me and Ellie decorated ginger bread men. I brought one of those ready made ginger bread kits so all we had to do was decorate the ginger bread men. I think they were around £2. Well worth the money. We had such great fun decorating those and they were yummy, too! I'm going to attempt cup cakes sometime this week (when I have time), I'm sure the kids will enjoy helping. Wish me luck, I am not so great at baking!! Last time I baked the cakes didn't rise... yeah... wasn't good. Here's a pic of Ellies ginger bread man she decorated and then gave to me. Yummy!

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