Almost seven year old (desert for kids BBQ ideas?)


I can not believe that in just over two and half weeks my little boy is going to be SEVEN. My middle child is going to be SEVEN. Doesn't seem possible. 

I'm kind of stuck as to what to get Charlie. He has lego, cars, scooters, roller skates, a tent, cars & trucks, trains, aeroplanes, nerf guns, water pistols... this list is endless. I know he is getting a metal detector and I know that he has requested a couple of books & DVDs. I asked him what else he wants and he replies with "I'm not really sure" I like to get him a present rather than give him money or a gift token. I'd like to get him one of those insect hunting kits & a book about insects, with a couple of DVDs and another book. He is really into insects and creatures at the moment. Finding slow worms, all kinds of insects and frogs in the garden inspires Charlie. I'm not really sure what to get him as a "main" present though. 

Any ideas? 
Also, I need ideas for deserts for a kids BBQ, suggestions and ideas are more than welcome. Is Jelly and Ice Cream ok for a BBQ? Hmm. A fruit salad? Marsh mellows cooked on the BBQ? I really want to do something *different* I am hoping I'm able to do a BBQ for Charlie's birthday as long as the weather is nice. It'll only be family and perhaps a couple of Charlie's friends. 

Aside from that... all is good! The boys sports days are coming up soon, I am so excited as are they! I love sports day, cheering the kids on and seeing there faces when they spot me somewhere in the crowd. Hehe. 
Sarah xXx

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