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So errrrr, my "blog for a whole week" didn't happen. FAIL.
Yesterday I was suppose to have a Neurologist appointment but it has been pout back to NEXT Thursday now.
I've just been SO busy, I've had no time to blog and when I have I've just been way to tired! I have been ever so busy doing my back garden. It was seriously like a jungle, the grass was almost 4ft high. I haven't had a chance to get out there and actually do anything outside (I moved into this house in December 2011) until yesterday because it has been raining, windy or simply to wet! Yesterday though? I did it! I had to use a sickle (like a big hook thing & would be really handy during a zombie apocolypse, hmmm. I can't wait for the next season of walking dead, anyway I'll stick to the gardening for now!) to cut the grass down before I could strim and then mower it with my dads petrol lawn mower. It took HOURS. I didn't stop until gone 9:30pm last night. I wanted to get it ALL done but I ran out of daylight time, there is just a little more to do - Need to use the sickle again to chop the long grass right at the bottom of my garden (My garden is very, very long!) I'm going to do that one day next week (Perhaps Wednesday. Weather permitting of course... this is Gt.Britain, it could rain any time lol). I've done SO well to do what I've done so far. Tomorrow I am going to do some strimming & pull up the rest of the grass that has taken over the path! The previous tenants of this house seriously did not take any care of the garden. It's hard work but will be worth it in the end. I really NEED to have a presentable garden. I really have got my work cut out. I don't mind about not having any flowers or a fancy shaped lawn. Just a flat lawn that the kids can play on, where we can put a paddling pool & have the tent up for the kids to play in & generally just be safe. Without any stinging nettles. The garden was seriously over taken with stinging nettles. IF the garden is done in time for Charlies Birthday (7th July) then I plan on having a BBQ and hire a big bouncy castle, invite a few of his friends & my family etc. It would be amazing to do that! I know Charlie will love it! But it is a big IF because I really do have my work cut out.

I've also put up the new table and chairs for the garden. Can't use the parasol yet as I need to buy a base for that. I also have a big gazebo to go up but I think I'll hold off on that for now. One thing at a time, right?
Also. Need to actually BUY the bbq.. I'm saving like crazy.

So that is what I have been busy doing. I've also done some gardening today, too. Pulled out yet MORE nettles. Will get some more done the weekend, hopefully. :-)
I will share some pictures when it is ALL finished.

the kids are all great! Most of the kids in there classes have chicken pox, thank goodness all three of mine have already had them (Easter 2011). I will update more about the kids in my next post but right now I need to go & bath them, get there PJs on ready for bed in an hour!

Sarah xXx

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