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I'm such a bargain hunter, seriously! And If I can get something for 50p less elsewhere, I will. I try to budget as much as I possibly can because every 50p and every £1 really do add up! My change jar proved that. I also like having a look in the bargain and pound shops as I have picked up some really good bargains in those places. In one of my local towns, which is a bus ride away is a pound shop, it's not pound land or any named shop, it's just a local pound store and there are always lots of bargains to be had! It can be a bit of a hit and miss, sometimes I go in there and there's nothing much really that catches my eye, yet another time I can go in and find quite a few bargains!

Here are a couple of Christmas bits I picked up this week.

First of all the window stickers. They were 3 for £1. These will look lovely on either the back door, or the front door. The kids always enjoy putting these up.

Next I picked up a couple of books. The first being 'Anna's Book Of Secrets' This cost £1 and RRP price is £5.99 (so it says on the back of the book!) I'd say this was a pretty good bargain.

From Disney Frozen - Annas book of secrets bargain price £1

It has the story inside of Frozen and in the back of the book are pages to write down secrets and birthdays, memories and stick in photos and stickers.Along with some other activities. It's a beautiful little book which my daughter will love finding in her stocking!

Next up is the joke book I also got for  £1. On the back of the book it says £5.99. Now my son will LOVE this. He loves telling jokes and this book will give him no end of laughs and everyone else, too!

I also picked up these Christmas cards which were 3 for £1. I got six. Six lovely Christmas cards for £2. Can not grumble at that!

I hope this has inspired you to check out your local bargain stores! As I said above they can be a bit of a hit and miss and sometimes I find that it might "only" be £1 but I can get two for that price elsewhere! At this time of year though, there are always lots of bargains to be had.

What bargains have you found this week? Let me know in the comments.
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Sarah xXx

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  1. Oh sarah well done ...fab bargins indeed thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I love pound stores for when I'm skint haha! And they're perfect for Easter, Halloween and Christmas! Great finds!

  3. You've have found some really great bargains, we have a few 'pound type stores' near me and they are a hit and miss but sometimes i do find some good ideas better than the local supermarkets

  4. I love the look of 1001 cool jokes. Any particular jokes that stand out for you? Got to love the pound shop!

  5. I love finding bargains in the pound shop! I once got all of the 5 minutes peace books in poundland, I couldn't believe my favourite chdhoid book was in a discount store! X

  6. We did a Christmas shop at the Poundshop and it made such a difference to our home for Christmas. So many bargains.

  7. I always, always go to the pound shop when Im in the high street.
    You can find some secret treasures in there.
    I need those stickers for Hayden - He's sticker crazy LOL
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  8. Love pound shop bargains! Especially like their Christmas gift bag sets as they're sturdy and perfect for exchanging presents x

  9. There are some amazing bargains to be had if you are willing to go and look for them x

  10. You got some great bargains!! Those books are brilliant ones, I find poundland is a great place to get kids books. After all, they only look at them a few times then move onto something else!

  11. Great finds!! I love looking in pound shops and getting a bargain! As you say, every little saving can help! xxx


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