Cats on Caturday!


I thought I would share some photos I've taken of my cats lately.
They are both female cats and neither of them I planned on getting, they found me and choose us. Isn't it strange how cats pick there owners?
Lotti (the tortoiseshell cat) came to me at 4 weeks old and was literally handed over my back fence from an old neighbour because they didn't want her. I couldn't just let them leave her outdoors, on her own. She was so tiny and very poorly. There's so much I could write. Me and Lotti are very, very close. She sleeps on my actual head every night, I am not even joking.
You can read Lotti's story here.

Sylvie. The tabby cat had an owner but she just kept coming to my house and would sit by my back door, tapping it with her poor for HOURS. I kept taking her back to her owner and trying to persaude her to go home but she was having none of it. She would wait outside int he freezing cold and snow, rain and wind for me to let her inside. I finally admitted defeat and her owner said we could keep her as long as she had a good home. So that is what we did and she has been here ever since. Goodness knows why she picked our crazy family to be her humans, haha. You can read Syvlie's story here.

Enjoy the pics!

Lotti and Sylvie don't always get a long but they've finally learned to tolerate each other. They were actually playing in the above photo! RARE!

Lotti looking at me with her big green eyes.

 Grumpy cat Sylvie likes to sit and watch the world go by!

 I love the way Sylvie prowls. So cute.

The first time Lotti saw a pheasant! Don't worry, she didn't harm it (I knew she wouldn't, the bird was double the size of her). She was fascinated with it. The pheasant turned around looked at her, made a noise and Lotti ran away, hahaha and the bird flew off! She loves living in the countryside.

Do you have any pets? Let me know in the comments :)

Sarah xXx

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  1. I am a cat person too :P (Despite having 3 dogs and only one cat)! Superb photos, I must go out and try to capture my little cat like this x

  2. I don't have any pets of my own, but Lotti and Sylvie looks so cute, glad that they can now know how to tolerate each other.

  3. Well this was a different post to everything else and I really enjoyed it. I used to not like animals but my dog has taught me to love them! (I think i was scared of them before). Angela

  4. What gorgeous gorgeous cats. I always wanted to get a cat one day until a friend of mine did and I realised I'm allergic (not so bad I can't give them a quick stroke, but not to live with).

  5. oh cute, we don't have any pets but the children would love to have one!

  6. Aw funny how cats come into our lives. These two look adorable. We have a 7 year old moggy called Alfie he grey with white paws and we inherited him at 5 weeks old when some people we met on holiday decided to bring him as a present. He was far to young and really quite poorly but he's split rotten although not overly keen on Monkey - not sure how he's going to cope with another baby!! xx

  7. Ah they are gorgeous. I used to have cats but we have dogs now. I do miss my little cats x

  8. YES! a fellow cat lover! - I have 4 cats (yes four) you can check them out in cat corner over at .

    I love your kitties, i think torties are gorgeous! so cute! Thanks for sharing #AnimalTales

  9. Some very cute looking cats here. Nice post.

  10. our cat also found us, but we never knew where she came from, despite us advertising her far and wide

  11. Oh your two are beautiful. We have two dogs and a cat - one dog was a wedding present (asked before given I might add), one a rescue. Our cat walked into our lives as a little lost kitten and has stayed ever since.

  12. Oh what beautiful cats and thank you for adding them to #AnimalTales. We have 4 cats although Foggy is a wanderer and we haven't seen him for a few weeks. He usually comes home when it rains or gets very cold so when he did pop home 2 weeks ago so we all searched out our thermals but then he went and the weather has stayed mild! We also have his very shy sister, Fumée, as well as Henry and Firkin. I think I need to do a full blown cat post on Animal Tales to tell more of their stories.


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