Hatch 'n' Heroes {Review}


Hatch N Heroes is a new exciting range of characters and heros from Bandai. Hatch N Heroes characters come in the shape of an egg. The egg then folds out, in a few simple steps and changes into the character. The characters include Big Hero 6 Baymax, Nemo, Olaf, Toy story characters along with a few others, too.

We were sent Big Hero 6 and Olaf. Now, Ellie could not wait to get into these. She is really into Big Hero 6 at the moment and she also loves Olaf, too. You can imagine how excited she was to play with these Hatch N Heroes toys.

First of all we opened Big Hero 6. Ellie was SO excited to see him fold him. His head and arms were tucked inside the egg.

It didn't take her long to figure out how to unfold him from the egg! "This is so cool" She told me.

Next we opened Olaf. "I like his hat and stick" Ellie declared excitedly. Olaf does come with his hat and walking stick. He is also in the shape of an egg, his head and arms are folded up inside the egg.

 The hat just slots onto the top of his head once he is folded out and he has a little clicky part on the back of his hand to enable him to hold the walking stick.
Ellie has had so much fun with these! She enjoys playing with them a lot and now would like to collect the rest of the characters, which have been added to her (ever growing) Christmas list.

The Hatch N Hero toys are priced at £5.99 and are retailers include Tesco, Demenhams, Toys R Us and Smyths.

I think these would make lovely stocking fillers and gifts for children.

The manufactures age recommended is 4-12 years. Ellie is 8 years old and these are perfect for her in my opinion.

 Sarah xXx
A Bit Of Everything
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We were sent this product(s) for the purpose of the review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions are my own, honest, personal opinions.

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  1. Oh my little would love these. I can just imagine her now. 'Mammy can I make a toy collector video...' hahaha

  2. My little sister would love these although she would probably put it in her mouth rather than play with it bless her. Bless them x

  3. This looks interesting. The sort of thing my daughter would love. We are big Olaf fans and love things like this. Thanks for sharing your review!

  4. These would make great stocking fillers and I love toys which test their logic skills. Monkey loves Olaf too! Great review thank you xx

  5. Oh wow these toys are so cool, I loved watching big hero 6 and obviously frozen, When I went to NYC i took a picture with olaf and said it was for my nephew but actually it was for me

  6. Ooh being a HUGE disney fan I love these. They would be a great addition to my increasing collection of disney stuff x

  7. These are brilliant and I am glad to see they are not priced so extortionately that you have to break the bank to get them x

  8. These look like great fun! Something my youngest would love x

  9. Oh I can see my two liking those, too! Fun idea.

  10. Oh I hadn't heard of these before - very cool. Let's be honest anything Frozen is going to be extremely popular this Christmas haha x

  11. Wow! I'm obsessed with anything egg shaped and Frozen so the Olaf would be amazing for me for Christmas. A great stocking filler! Thanks for sharing! :) #TriedTested x

  12. Oooh, this looks like fun and would definitely quieten the moans of ' I'm bored' haha. Olaf would be the favourite choice :-) x

  13. Oh, I think my little one would love collecting these too. Very cool toys. Hope to see you again at #abitofeverything

  14. Cool idea. My kids are big fans of Disney, so I know that they'll enjoy fun stuff like this.


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