The ups and downs of November.


The whole of November has been a bit... crap really.
I feel like a bit of a plonker sharing this story.

It started off with me swallowing a piece of sweet wrapper. I was eating one of those little sweety lolly's, I was half way through it when I started choking, I managed to choke up a lump of sweet wrapper, a little bit still went down though. It appears that the wrapper was (I don't know how to explain this) melted into the actual lolly pop itself. After a lot of coughing, eating bread, drinking water and fizzy drinks to try and help it either go down or cough it back up, I realised it wasn't going to be that simple! It's so uncomfortable, I can't even explain it. It feels like I've got a lump in my throat. You know when you're trying really hard not to cry and you get that awful lump in the back of your throat? It feels a bit like that but not quite. I thought perhaps it was the scaring and grazing from all the choking. Only scars and grazes don't move and I could FEEL this wrapper moving around. Not a nice feeling at all.

I'm not one for going to the doctors unless I absolutely need to but I gave in. I've been to the GP who told me to go to A&E, I finally went to A&E yesterday after keeping putting it off because I really, really wanted it to dis lodge itself and not have to go through six million procedures to try and get it out. I was dreading it. I went though and after the ENT specialist looking down my throat with his torch, he told me he couldn't see it. I had no choice but to have the camera scope thing put up my nose and into my throat. I was really anxious and not looking forward to this! I had tried so hard to avoid this, I'd tried EVERYTHING imaginable (and more!) to try get it out myself. After a few minutes he informed me he still couldn't see it but I can feel it. He did say he can see there has been something there recently, it's scarred and it's grazed. He said it will eventually move on it's own. I'll probably swallow it and it'll go down into my tummy. Or perhaps I'll manage to cough it up, who knows! All I know is, it sucks. It's not so bad today, it's right at the very back of my throat, I can barely even feel it, which is of course good! Please pray it goes down (or comes up!) very soon because quite frankly, it's making me miserable.
Has this ever happened to anyone else? 
I'm going to write a formal complaint to the lolly company because I had no response from my email. I just think they should be recalled and checked before being sold. Imagine that happening to a child? I now it could happen with any kind of food, nothing is ever perfect but gosh!!!!
Please be careful people.

I've also spent the whole entire month (so far) of November ill. I've had a rotten cold/flu thing, blocked ears and a sore throat (probably due to the above), which all went to my chest but I think *touch all the wood in the house* I am finally getting over it now. Finally! I also had a stomach bug inbetween all of that, too. The kids have also been ill with bugs and what not but they seen to bounce back well. Thankfully. I know being ill comes with this time of year but when it all happens at once? It's even worse. Hopefully we'll all be healthy in time for Christmas! (Lets hope I haven't just jinxed myself)

On a better note. The kids have all had school trips and are doing wonderfully at school. Ellie got star of the week a couple of weeks ago and Charlie has been working really hard and went to homework club after school. Harry's plodding a long at high school and really enjoying it!
We made a lovely Chicken Rogan Josh meal together, which was amazing! We've also enjoyed a couple of movie nights and lots of cosy nights in. I love those kind of evenings. We're so excited for Christmas now, we've done some Christmas arts and crafts and been looking at ideas for our Christmas tree. Hopefully I'll get a good chunk of Christmas shopping done before November is over. I really do need to be more organised than I am.

I finally, finally got my laminate flooring laid in my bedroom, yay! I've lived in this house since April (and love it, I might add!) and had no flooring down in my bedroom, due to finances but I got a good bargain and fond a discount code online. I'm really happy to finally have nice flooring in my bedroom. All three bedrooms are done now, yay! It looks lovely, I shall be sharing photos very soon. So November hasn't been all bad.

How has your November been?

Sarah xXx

Best of Worst

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  1. Oh no! I hate to say it, but that will teach you to eat lollies!! Hopefully one day you will see the funny side! #bestandworst

  2. Sounds like not the best month, these sort of things usually happen to me, hopefully give it a few more days and your throat will feel much better. Glad you got your bedroom finished and here's to a much better and healthier December #bestandworst

  3. Sorry to hear November has been a bit of a rollercoaster for you. November has been a bit fraught for me too but knowing my son's 2nd Birthday is only next week and Christmas is around the corner is making me happy at the moment. I hope December is a better month for you and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the elusive piece of wrapper finally makes its appearance! xxx #bestandworst

  4. Oh god that does sound miserable, has it come up yet? How scary too, the whole notion of choking is nasty too. Sorry to hear that November has been a bit miserable for you and hope December is better! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst hope you'll stop by again! xx

  5. Oh dear how miserable for u. I've also had a cold this month it's this time of year Blake has one too. I hope December is a better month for u.

  6. oH NO. thats no good for you. I've an an endoscopy and its no fun! Sorry you are going through this and hope you heal soon! ANgela from daysinbed

  7. Oh dear! At least it wasn't all bad this november- I have had the whole camera up the nose thing and it's horrible - focus on the positives :)

  8. Oh no I bet that has been so uncomfortable and annoying, fingers crossed it moves for you soon. Hopefully you will have a much better December x

  9. Oh no how horrible! If I'm honest I'd be trying to bring it back up myself!! Can't stand that feeling hope you're more comfortable soon! Hopefully December will bring you more joy than November but I'm glad to see the good points in your post too yey to finished bedrooms!

  10. Aw i'm sorry to hear that hope you are feeling better now hun? Poor you hope December is a happier month for you x

  11. sounds like November hasn't been your month, mine either. Fingers crossed December will be better for both of us

  12. Oh no! That sounds horrible!!! I hope it dislodges soon, thats the kind of thing that would really play on your mind! :/ I hated November too. Just a long depressing bleak month! Roll on December! xx

  13. Geeze; what a rubbish run you've had. Horrible lolly wrapper experience! Hate to say it, but I've had a cracking November...and it's nearly Christmas!! Excitement plus! #fartglitter

  14. Poor you! Your throat must be so uncomfortable. Hope it starts to feel better soon x #fartglitter

  15. Ick, that doesn't sound good. We've had ups and downs too. Currently battling a few different bugs and the tot isn't sleeping so not fun. Fingers crossed we're all fit and fighting for Christmas too.
    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

  16. Oh no! what a problem. I do hope you get it sorted soon, if not already. It must feel ever so annoying.
    My November has gone by in a total flash, I am absolutely amazed its almost done. It only seems like yesterday that we were getting ready for Halloween!
    Anna x


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