Some reasons to be cheerful and thankful. #R2BC


I haven't wrote a 'reasons to be cheerful' post for a while now. And I should really get back into it because it always use to lift my mood and I'd feel much more positive. So here are my reasons to be cheerful this week.


1) Autumn makes me happy! We had a fabulous October. October is my absolute favourite month. I love this time of year, a lot. I'm thankful the weather has been quite mild.
We've had such great fun, throwing leaves in the air, feeding the ducks and geese and of course Halloween! Not to mention my eldest child turned twelve years old. Which is just crazy.

2) I've made a very small start on Christmas shopping, I've bought a few stocking fillers so far. Which isn't much but it is a start. I've also started my Christmas food box, too. Asda have some fab deals on at the moment! I do need to find my Christmas decorations and see what I'll need to buy this year. We moved house at the start of this year and I know a few bits and bobs got broken/damaged during the move.

3) My children make me so, so happy! I love them so much and I am so proud of them. They're all doing amazingly at school and have settled into the school routine really well. I thought it might take a couple of weeks after half term, it appears not. They've really just kind of clicked right back into it. Better than I have in fact. I do not like early mornings, haha. I'm so glad they're back into the school routine, it makes life easier :)

So those are my reasons to be cheerful this week. Let me know in the comments, I'd love to know what has made you smile this week :)

Sarah xXx

Ojo's World

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  1. three fab reasons to be happy and I love that picture! i tell you, i am terrible for buying new decorations EVERY year. I bought some woodland creature ones either last yera or the year before and tehy were SO cute i love them, i have no idea where i've put them! perhaps in the loft? god damn it, NOT THE LOFT! lol xx

  2. I love October too! And its fantastic that the children are doing so well at school!! :) #reasonstobecheerful

  3. oh any move is always terrible on decorations! We got pretty much rid of everything for our move three months ago, and are still trying to piece a household back together. That includes decorations. But isn't that the fun part?
    I need to follow your example and do some shopping! Blessings and have a great week!

  4. October my favourite month too! Welcome back. So glad the children are settled in at school

  5. Oh yes, the Christmas shopping, I forgot that reason to be cheerful - I've also managed to pick up a few stocking fillers too :)

  6. Yes we love autumn fun too! We have also started on the Christmas shopping, just the fun stuff so far like Elf on the Shelf accessories!! Presents for parents etc will most probably get left until last minute!

  7. The autumn landscape is so beautiful isn't it? It always cheers me up if I am thinking it's a long time till next summer.

  8. The little things that make us happy are so important! I'm a fan of autumn too (although I prefer summer), I love all the colours and the crispness to the air :) It always feels clean somehow if that makes sense!

  9. They're wonderful reasons to be cheerful! :) I love checking off the christmas list, it's such a lovely feeling knowing youre one step closer to it all being done! I should try doing gratitude lists! xx

  10. Fabulous reason to be happy. Which remind me, I need to start doing a christmas shopping before sales end and voucher need to be use. I love Autumn too and I love christmas and i can't wait! Doesn't matter what it is but little things makes us happy.

  11. This is a good idea, writing this list - as the weather has been oh so depressing this week hasn't it! Good going getting started on the xmas shopping. For me, reason to be cheerful, hmmm, it's the weekend! xx

  12. It's lovely to reflect and remember little things that makes us happy. I'm very very slowly ticking things of the christmas list xxx

  13. It is always important to look for the cheerful bits to remember things are generally good.

  14. I love autumn too, it's the perfect season for someone that cannot get cool, like me! I've started Christmas shopping too, I bet your children will have a wonderful Christmas, it sounds like family is very important to you xx


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