April Bucket List.


Here is our bucket list of things to do and achieve in April! We're rather looking forward to completing these tasks, hehe. Feel free to share/pin/save :-)

April Bucket List

Do you have any goals for April?

Sarah xXx

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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  1. WOW read 5 books! That's a lot (well it's a lot for me). Love your little bucket list - definitely making the most of Springtime x

  2. I love your bucket list though I have to admit there will be no playing in the rain over here - I am a total killjoy. I despise rain! H x

  3. That is an amazing April list. Mine is nowhere near so interesting and mostly consists of getting my website organised, my freelance journalism course and sorting my business financial paperwork out x

  4. My goal for April is to sort through my clothes and my makeup collection! For once and for all :)

  5. OOh reading 5 books is a fab challenge, looking forward to seeing if you manage that x

  6. I've done several on your list! haha I found Pretty little liars this month..already almost finished it!

  7. Going to copy some goals here. Want to read some more books in April.

  8. Short but sweet. I imagine some lovely photos bursting forth from your list. #TheList

  9. Fab list, 'm not sure I would manage to read 5 books I can just about find time for one! I also need a new series too as I am rewatching Haven (I totally recommend it if you haven't seen it)

  10. oh what a great idea to keep you on track and motivated each month love it

  11. Brilliant fun sounding goals :)

    Stevie x #MonthlyBucketList

  12. These are some fun goals - especially those with your kids! I plan on planting some squash later this week, too.

  13. Ooh you've got some lovely goals! I love this time of year, planting seeds with little ones is so much fun ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours
    via #ShareitSunday

  14. Looks like you've got some great goals. I've been trying to find a new tv series to get into as well. Good luck with completing your bucket list. #ShareitSunday x


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