Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross.{Review}


We were sent some Easter arts and craft kits from Baker Ross to review. My children love arts and crafts, especially my daughter Ellie. She was super excited to make some Easter and spring themed arts and crafts!

Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

The mix and match Easter bunny kits caught Ellie's eye so we made those first! "I love bunnies, especially baby bunnies at Easter" Ellie said!

Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross.
Each pack contains eight foam bunnies, ribbons and all the self adhesive stickers/decorations (clothes, hats, shoes etc) to decorate your bunny with! No glue is required because the foam stickers are self adhesive, the back just peels off each decoration so that it's easy to stick onto the bunny shape.
Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross.

Easter bunny decorations @ ups and downs smiles and frowns
The bunnies themselves are 13cm x 9cm in size and are perfect Easter decorations! Ellie really enjoyed decorating her bunnies and choosing which clothes, shoes and accessories each bunny would wear. "The bow ties are for the boy bunnies and the hats are going to be for the girl bunnies" Ellie told me. She wanted her bunnies to have matching shoes and clothes!
She told me that she really loved the little Easter egg that the bunnies hold in there hands "They're soooooo cuttteeeeee" were her exact words!

Easter decorations @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

We hang some on the kitchen cupboard door handles. My kitchen is decorated lovely for Easter! I love showing off the children's crafts and displaying them around the house and the Easter mix and match bunnies are perfect!
Self adhesive bunny arts and crafts
 The bunnies are also self adhesive and can be used to stick on cards or paper, even making an Easter picture perhaps? Ellie stuck one of her bunnies on front of a card and made her own Easter card ready to give to Nanna for Easter! Bless.
Easter arts and crafts

Priced at just £3.75 for a pack of eight, I'd say they're well worth the money. Ellie really liked the fact she could mix and match and make her bunnies exactly how she wanted them. She loved the fact you can not only hang them up but they stick onto cards, too! The mix and match bunnies are suitable for all ages (Ha I'm 31 and I still enjoyed making these too - big kid that I am!) and perfect for spring and Easter :)

Next we made Easter gift boxes! Now these are super, super cute!

Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross.
 Each Easter colour-in gift boxes contain 4 assorted designs (2 of each).. Bunnies, chicks, daffodil and Easter eggs! They have spring theme pictures on them. You will need some cellotape or sticky dots to secure the boxes (not included) and the each box is 7cm x 7cm x 13cm. There is a spring/Easter design on each side of the box. We used marker pens to decorate our boxes but you can use deco pens which can also be purchased from Baker Ross.
Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross.

Ellie chose the Easter Chick design and Charlie chose the daffodil design! They used marker pens to colour there boxes in!

Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross.

Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross.
Charlie and Ellie agreed these boxes would be perfect to fill with sweet and chocolate treats for Easter! "You could also give them out at a party" Ellie suggested. "Or Easter egg hunt prizes" Charlie also suggested! Both great suggestions!
Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross.
The bottom of the box

Easter arts & crafts from Baker Ross.
The top of the box
 The boxes fold into a box shape nice and easily and the top of the boxes also fold. We folded the chick (and daffodil) through the slot. The children needed a little bit of help with this but once I demonstrated how to do it, they could do it on there own!

Easter gift boxes for kids. Easter arts and crafts from baker ross

Baker Ross review. Easter arts and crafts.

These Easter colour in gift boxes are priced at £2.75 for a pack of 8. They are suitable for all ages and they are the perfect Easter arts and craft project for kids. They'd make a lovely gift, especially filled with chocolate eggs!

What were your favourite arts and crafts to do? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to know :)

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  1. The bunnies are really cute, and I love that you can use them as decorations afterwards!

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