It's that time of year....


...Where colds and coughs come into season! With that change in the weather comes the colds and bugs and what not. I wrote about how I was poorly the weekend before last with earache, well that earache turned into a massive full blown cold, sore throat, swollen glans and everything else that comes with it. Needless to say, I have felt like utter poop. I am feeling much better today but I don't want to jinx myself because it seems, I think that I'm getting better and then this awful cold/flu type thing knocks me for six again. While I am feeling a bit better though, I thought I'd take the chance to write up a blog post about the kids and how they're settling into school and what not.

Ellie has well and truly settled into year four. She requested that I buy her crop tops instead of vests. Apparently she's growing up (way to fast for my liking!). She turned nine years old last week, which is so hard to believe. She's the eldest in her year at school, which she's rather chuffed about. "Mum,  when I'm in year 6 I'll be the oldest kid in the school" Is what she told me - rather proudly! We are currently working on her 4 and 5 times tables. I am really pleased with how well she has settled into school without her big brothers being there because they're both in high school now! I am so proud of her. Ellie had a friend stay over last weekend - A Birthday sleepover. She doesn't get to see her best friend (Who is also my best friends daughter) very often as we don't live close by anymore. I treated them to a takeaway pizza and some treats whilst they watched Disney movies.
Ellie has a dentist appointment at specialised dentist next week because she has a massive fear of the dentist (she had a bad experience last time). Which I am dreading if I'm honest. She needs fillings and I know she isn't looking forward to it (who does?!) but it has to be done.

Charlie has settled into high school. Kind of. He's not overly keen on the school bus and would rather catch the public bus (as would Harry!) So I am going to find out if it's possible to switch there bus passes for the public bus. As all there friends also catch that bus. They're only on the bus for a total of 6 minutes though, so really, I don't think it's THAT big of a deal but I'd rather they were both happy and confident with the way travel to and from school. I am going to look into that today. Charlie is over the moon to be in the same school as his big brother once again. He's made lots of new friends already! He's in the same form as his best friend from primary school, which he pleased about. He's not overly keen on learning languages but I think once he's got the hang of it, I think he will  actually enjoy it! I still can't believe that Charlie is in year 7. I am SO proud of him and how grown up he is. He's become very independent the last few weeks (which, as his mother, I find bittersweet).

Harry... Well, he will officially be a teenager next month! WOW! Where has that time gone?!  He's already very much a teenager and has been the last 18 months or so. He's mature for his age and we are currently battling acne, we have special medication from our GP! Along with a couple of other methods, which all seem to be working! (Touch Wood). He enjoys school but sometimes I just don't think he can't be bothered and tries the whole "But I'm porly, my tummy hurts, my toe really hurts, I feel dizzy".. Literally everything wrong with him all at once (lol), I know when he's faking it though. He isn't a morning person AT ALL. He has lots of friends at school, has very good grades and is doing rather well! He still enjoys P.E. He's already thinking about what subjects he'd like to take for GCSE's in a couple of years - Graphic design is one of them. He's been helping Charlie settle into high school, showing him where he needs to go and giving him a point in the right direction. It's good that they can both catch the school bus together. I am very proud of Harry looking out for his little brother.

Both the boys had an orthodontist appointment/assessment yesterday, they're both entitled to NHS treatment and will more than likely need braces. They both have a tooth missing that has NEVER grown through - There dads side of the family is the same so it seems it's genetic and actually quite common apparently. It's nothing to worry about and isn't going to cause any problems. I am proud of them both though, they both had an x-ray and let the dentist look in there mouths no problem! We're waiting for the next appointment so we can discuss treatment/braces.

So there's my update on my three little's who aren't so little anymore!

Sarah xXx

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  1. It seems like it's been a very busy time with all the kids starting back at school. Hope you feel better now after being ill x

  2. This is such a sweet post! I hope that your daughters dentist goes well, and you can swap the bus passes ok! Hope you feel better!

  3. Hi, Sarah! Your kids are so adorable! What a beautiful family!
    Hopefully you will get better soon!

    Cheers and have a lovely weekend,

  4. The kids look all ready for school. I love the back to school season but not the colds and bugs which come with it. I enjoyed the post. I needed braces as a child but never got them and now I wish I had.

  5. It sounds like everyone is doing really well! I think high school just starts way too early for teenagers - it's not their fault really!

  6. Hope you're feeling better now. So many coughs and colds going around right now.

  7. Your daughter eyes are so pretty. It is indeed very busy time of the year x

  8. Hope you are feeling better. I am down with cold too and it is horrible. Lovely children you got.

  9. Its definitely the season for colds, we have all come down with sore throats and blocked noses in our house! These babies of ours grow up way to fast don't they! xx

  10. Being a mom with a cold is not easy at all.Childrent back to school is a mixed blessing.A heartwarming post

  11. Its lovely to know that the kids are all happy and settled in their schools and routine. I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday.

  12. Your kids are wonderful. Do they go to a catholic school or just a school that requires uniforms? I wish they did that in NJ I think it would be better for the kids.

    Anyways I'm a new follower on your blog via GFC would love if you could follow me back on my blog (: make sure to click it again if it fails the first time I've been having trouble with that lately and it works the second time. Thanks (:

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for following, I'll be sure to follow you back :)
      I think all schools here in the U.K require a uniform, both high school and primary school. My daughters primary school is C of E :)

  13. ADORABLE. I love the photos! I am struggling with the illnesses right now, my son is 9 months old and he has constantly been sick for the last month (no exaggeration). I'm glad all the kids are happy and settled at school! #anythinggoes

  14. Great pictures! My daughter has just started senior/high school and I was so nervous, but she seems to be settling in well and seems to have become more mature over night! I hate her going to school by herself. We only live around the corner and she walks with a friend usually, but I don't want to let go! My eldest son is in year 5 - he is one of the youngest in that year as he is a July baby. He is struggling with the extra responsibility the school has placed on him at this age but he is learning and I know he will get there. My youngest started reception and has also settled in well - today he seems a little under the weather with a cold and a fever, so I'm not sure if he can go tomorrow. It strange in the house all day without all three, however, I start my teaching course this week so I'm sure I'll be able to keep myself busy! I hope you feel better soon and that your bug isn't too severe! :) Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes Janet

  15. Hope you're feeling better, it's definitely the time of year for it isn't it. A good excuse to snuggle up though, thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  16. Aw this is lovely Hun. It's nice that hat your children are helping each other in school. Hope you get over your cold soon. Xx
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo


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