September (onwards) blogging goals.


I do not usually set myself 'Blogging Goals' because I'm usually setting myself up to fail but I really would like to grow my blog a little now and just be more consistent with it, you know? During July and August my blog took a back seat in my life and I really do want to get back into it properly. I truly have missed blogging but it takes up a lot of time and with the kids being off school and what not (having a headache), I haven't had the time. Really though, that's no excuse because I can schedule posts and have my blog more organised and in order to do that, I thought I'd create a little list of things I'd like to achieve for my blog within the next few months.

  • Be more consistent. 
  • Schedule posts! 
  • Grow my following on bloglovin. 
  • Use twitter more and be more sociable on social media. 
  • Post on Facebook! 
  • Use pinterest to it's full potential. 
  • Post more family inspired blog posts. 
  • Take a photo a day for a whole month (I know this isn't exactly for my blog as such but it's something I really would like to achieve!) 
  • Join in with blog hops/linkys 
  • Follow new blogs - I love all the blogs I'm currently following but finding new blogs is always a good thing :) 
So there we have it. Those are my blogging goals and I think I'm just going to have these as overall goals rather than put a time limit on. Or really just in general. I feel if I am more organised with my blog, I'll be able to relax a little. I think scheduling blog posts is the key for me! :)

If you're a blogger, what are your blogging goals?

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  1. Great list and always good to have a focus to help you achieve X #mmbc

  2. These are all good goals, but it's a lot for one month. Maybe focus on two or three? Scheduling posts helps me a lot to feel I can take some breaks when life intervenes.

    1. Yes I think you're right and I actually did mean to edit this post and put some now until Christmas! I think when December rolls around, I'll look back on this post and see how well I'm doing with my goals :) Thanks for your comment xx


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