The one my baby girl turns nine years old.


This time nine years ago, I was well and truly in labour. Not that I believed I was. I hadn't gone to the hospital yet because I wanted to spend as little time as possible in the hospital. I was at my mums house. Contractions were around every 4-5 minutes. I was fine though, I have a high pain tolerance and honestly, I didn't even believe I actually was in labor. I was 39 weeks pregnant and had already been experiencing braxton hicks.

Around 11:10am, I arrived at the hospital as my mum (birthing partner) said she thought I should go in and the midwife on the phone agreed. It was when I got into the car I had a really painful contraction and thought to myself "This is actually it, I am going to have my baby today". I got to the hospital and was taken to the delivery suite... and Ellie entered the world at 12:01pm, just after midday.Weighing 6lb 10oz. I had just literally just had gas & air and labour was only a few short hours. I didn't know the gender of my baby because we'd have to pay to find out and plus, I really wanted a surprise (the same with my two older sons and I wouldn't have had it any other way). When the midwife told me "IT'S A GIRL" I didn't believe her. I had to get up off the bed and go and see for myself, haha. I cried my eyes out. I was SO convinced I was having another boy, so convinced that in fact I had bought a baby blue outfit and vest with me to the hospital! I couldn't believe I had a daughter, I was over the moon. I'd always wanted a little girl, I couldn't believe it! We left the hospital around 2ish pm and I went straight back home - This was my request and I did the same with my first son, Harry. I was very confident and rightly so, too! I knew I didn't need to stay in hospital which left a free bed for someone who truly needed it and I got to enjoy my baby girl at home, straight away. The boys fell in love with her and doted over her. As did.

 She was ever so content and such a happy baby! She ended up not liking the dummy, she didn't need it anyway.

But that was nine years ago and since then she has grown into this beautiful, smart, happy little girl who loves anything and everything. She's still very content and will amuse herself, she's social and very bubbly, she can be sassy and certainly won't let anyone boss her around, she's smart and friendly, she's considerate (most of the time!) and helpful to others.

Today Ellie is nine years old. My youngest baby. NINE! I can't quite get my head around the fact she's nine years old. It's crazy how fast time flies. I am so proud of her. I'm so blessed & lucky.
We will celebrate properly after school. She has already opened some of her presents before school. Ellie has her best friend (who she doesn't see very often) coming around for a sleepover this weekend & she is SO excited! 

Happy Birthday Ellie!! 

Sarah xXx

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  1. Aww! Happy birthday to your girl! I hope she had a wonderful day!
    I felt exactly the same a few weeks ago when my girl Ellie turned 9. Time goes by so quickly x

  2. Oh my goodness, time has indeed flown by. Your daughter has the most gorgeous eyes! :)

  3. Aw what a lovely post. I hope your gorgeous girl has a lovely birthday xx

  4. Happy birthday Ellie!
    I did not know you had to pay before to know the sex!! I'm quite stunned but thats a good thing you did not want to know anyway. I'm having my second in a few weeks, I dont know the sex, I already have a boy so it would be nice to have a girl but if it's boy it's all fine as long as baby is healthy!

  5. What a wonderful post. Time goes by so quickly doesn't it?!

  6. Lovely birth story, love that you didn't find out the sex until she was born. Happy Birthday Ellie xx

  7. Happy Birthday Ellie! Doesn't time fly my son is 19 now and it only seems like yesterday he was born

  8. What a lovely post. Time does fly. Happy birthday Ellie.

  9. Ah Happy Birthday Ellie. What a beautiful girl she has grown up to be. I hope she enjoys her sleepover, I dread those times with my girls when they are older!

  10. Oh, her last year in single figures. It does fly by but it sounds like you have done a great job

  11. Happy Birthday Ellie! Time flies..

  12. Aww such a beautiful post. My eldest is almost 16 now, I can believe how fast time flies! I hope she had a great birthday x

  13. What a lovely post! It's so great to see how she has grown up. Like others have said it's amazing how quickly time goes. She will be 19 before you know it! lol


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