A visit to A&E


Yesterday, I spent mst of the day at the hospital with my grandparents as my nan has hurts her ribs. We wanted to make sure nothing is broken. It's not. Just very badly bruised. I feel awful for her, she can barely move. She has brittle bones and suffers tremendously with a bad back, so add the bruised ribs to that... Not good. The doctor in A&E did give her some pain killers so hopefully they work. I am glad she got checked out, I was really worried. I still am but I'm relieved to know nothing is broken. Poor nan :( I hope she recovers ASAP.

While we were at the hospital, an RAF rescue helicopter landed on the helipad with a patient. Not quite sure what happened but I do hope all is ok. The helicopter was huge!! Ellie loved it. (I wish the boys could have seen it, but they were off out with there dad for Harry's birthday celebrations) We watched it take off and that was pretty cool! Just a shame it couldn't have been under more pleasant circumstances.
We also got to feed the ducks while at the hospital. I love all the Autumn colours in the pics, hehe.
Oh, I dropped my digital camera, it's cracked but thankfully it still works. The lenses is ok and the screen on the back, all the settings work, just a huge crack in the top of the camera *sigh* Trust me!!

I dyed my hair on Friday night. I tried dying it a dark red a few weeks ago but it didn't really work very well. It just went a darker brown than it already was and with like a mahogany tinge. So this time I went for a plum/violate colour. Turns out it's actually gone more red than the colour it was suppose to go, lol. But I quite like it:

 I hope you're all enjoying your weekend! :)

Sarah xXx

P.S It's Harry's (my eldest) 10th Birthday today1! I can't believe he's 10. Birthday post coming later...

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  1. Happy birthday to harry! I hope your nan is ok xx


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