Autumn Arts & Crafts. {Autumn Bucket list}


We're doing well with our Autumn bucket list  so far. That's three or four things done already, yay!
 Today Ellie & I decided we were going to do some painting and gluing while the boys were at there dads. It didn't cost us anything to do either, we already had the paints, glue etc. Kids poster paints are really cheap! I got ours from the range a longgg time ago, some the kids have got for Christmas and Birthday gifts and some other bits and bobs I've picked up from the 99p store and other places over a year or so. And of course, leaves that have fell off tree's are indeed free. It was great fun leaf hunting.

Ellie wanted to paint her own tree. And stick some leaves on paper. We collected the leaves yesterday, brought them home and dried them out over night so that they'd be nice and dry for our art work today.

 Ellie painted her (very bare tree)
 And then stuck on some leaves 
Ellie decided she wanted to do a nght time tree. 
So we mixed some paint to make a lighter brown as the dark brown wouldn't show up on black card. 
So she painted her tree trucnk and branches and then stuck on some leaves: 
I think it turned out great!

Me and Ellie did a finger painting of a tree together. 
We used finger painting for leaves. 
This was great fun! 
This one would be great laminated! Perfect for a plate/dinner mat :) 

We can't wait to get stuck into some more Autumn and Halloween arts & crafts this week. The boys are looking forward to joining in, too! Have you done any arts and crafts lately? I'd love to see!

Sarah xXx

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  1. I absolutely love the finger painting tree. It looks lovely and I agree would be perfect laminated. Thanks for linking up via #GoldenOldies


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