Proud mummy moments and the park!


When the kids came out of school today they were in hypo mode, lol. It was quite sunny, a lovely Autumn afternoon and not too cold, we really should be making the most of the nicer weather now as winter really isn't far behind.

So I thought we would go to the park so they could burn off some of the energy they had (Oh, how I wish I had there energy lol!).

The boys were already dirty from playing football at school (lunch time). So it didn't matter that they were wearing there school uniform as it needed washing anyway. (Is it just my boys that come home from school covered in mud?)
The kids had a wonderful time at the park! Climbing on the climbing frame, swinging on the swings and riding on the round about. (Sorry for lack of pics, my camera was playing up, I think it's broke *sob*).

Maybe next time we go to the park we'll have a bug hunt or something.

It was also the boys parents evening - they are really progressing at school. They've settled into there new years and even made lots of friends. Harry is really quite popular apparently lol. They are both doing wonderfully in all subjects, Charlie does need  to work on making his work and hand writing heater though, he is only eight so there's plenty of time! Both there teachers said that they are well behaved, well mannered and set a good example to the rest of the class. I am so, so proud of them both.:-) Looking forward to E's parents evening, I think it's after half term, not quite sure.

Sarah xXx

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