Reasons to be cheerful 1..2..3 (week 43)


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

1) I am so grateful for the NHS. I know it does get bashed an awful lot but honestly? Without it, we wouldn't be able to afford health care. Yes, there might be long waiting lists and yes they are incredibly short staffed.. there are lots of "faults" but we should all be very grateful that the NHS exsists! I'm grateful it does.. I am grateful they took good care of my nan on Saturday in A&E. I am glad we don't have to pay for medications (etc).

2) My eldest son turned ten years old on Sunday. I posted pics here. He is so, so grown up! I love watching him grow up (but sad at the same time, haha). I am so proud of him. :-) He said to me the other day "Mum, I am so lucky to have gotten new football boots and all my other birthday presents, thank you" Aww. That really made me smile. Little things like that really do go a long way.

3) The kids break up for half term on Friday! Yay!!! No school runs for a whole week. No school uniforms, packed lunches or rushing around! I'm looking forward to a well needed break and to spend some extra time with the kiddies. They're excited about Halloween and half term etc. =)

Sarah xXx

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