The broadbeans are sleeping in their blankety bed.


Another Autumnal post from me today, lol. I know I say  this allll the time but I seriously do love this time of year. For me, it's the best time of year.  So far we have achieved two of our goals from my Autumn Bucket List. Or three if we consider the walk as an Autumn walk (but I have the ideal place to go for that once day after school)

On Saturday, while walking to Tesco, me and Ellie looked out for signs of Autumn. We spotted chestnuts, acorns, blackberries and of course the leaves changing colour.  We are going to go proper blackberry picking in a week or so and then bake a blackberry crumble or something... we'll see. We collected some acorns and made some acorn faces. We walked thru the meadow and under the big weeping willow tree. It's so beautiful! We're going to go for a nice Autumn walk one day after school this week. The kids are dying to find a big pile of leaves to jump in, haha. We need to figure out plans for Halloween, too. 

It was Ellie's (school) Harvest festival service at church the other day. I love hearing the little ones sing, so sweet. Ellie's class sang 'The broadbeans are sleeping in the blankety bed' song. Do you know the song I mean? I can't remember the title but I do remember singing it at school when I was little! It was one of my favourites, lol. It was lovely hearing her and her friends sing that song, aww. The boys harvest festival assembly is next week, I'm not sure if they're doing a church services or not though. 

Have you done any Autumn-y things lately? 

Lots of Autumn pictures. ♥

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