Gosh, hasn't the weather been crazy?! I do hope you're all safe.
The wind picked up here in Essex the early hours of the morning. When I woke up at half past five this morning, the wind was pretty bad! We hadn't had that much rain yet, well compared top most places. The wind woke the kids up, they were actually quite curious about it. Charlie was fascinated by the leaves flying around higher than the house! We were watching a cardboard box flying around along the road. I later went out and removed it, worried it would fly into someones window screen as they were driving along. (There were no cars on the road that early in the morning, we live in a quiet street) I about got blown away, lol!

I didn't manage to get any pictures of falling down trees or anything like that. I thought it best to stay inside. Safe. And I am glad I did because later on it really did down pour! It was madness.
We watched the news most of the day and then a family movie. Family movie days are the best kind of days!

The storm was really, really crazy and my heart goes out to all those people who have accidents, been injured and even died. It's so, so incredibly sad. Thoughts and prayers for all there families.

I am glad the storm is over now. Tomorrow I will venture out with the kiddies (providing the storm really is over and it's not raining) as we need to do a bit of grocery shopping and get some Halloween goodies in.

What was the storm like where you live?

Sarah xXx 

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