Almost a decade old.


Harry's Birthday is fast approaching. He's going to be TEN years old. A whole decade. I can not believe that my little baby boy, my first born is doing to be ten years old. Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with him. *sigh* Time goes too fast and the kids are growing up waaaayyy to fast for my liking. It's bittersweet watching them grow up and becoming more independent. Harry is very independent for his age. He likes to everything for himself. Which isn't a bad thing I guess but sometimes, just sometimes I miss him asking me to tie his shoe laces or un-do the lid from the juice bottle. (If only he'd tidy his room himself LOL!). At the same time though, it's nice to be able to look back and see how much he has grown up, learned and how much he can do these little things for himself but it doesn't mean I don't miss doing all those things for him. Being a mum to a tween is all new to me. With Harry being the eldest, obviously I haven't been a mum to a tween. It's a totally new experience to me. 

He can have a bit of an attitude problem sometimes but I think we all know that comes with being a tween and teenager. Everything is always someone else's fault, ha, I remember going thru that stage. He can be the sweetest, kindest most helpful kid, too! He loves teaching the younger ones new things. Especially reading to Ellie. It's sweet listening to him read to the little ones. He's very close to them both, especially Charlie. They don't really fight, they bicker but nothing major. Most of the time they get along really well. Harry is really into his football and anything sporty. He is a proper outdoorsy boy. He also enjoys xbox and family movies, he loves his Nerf guns, too. He's outgrown most toys but he will play board games and lego sometimes. Which is good because we do those things as a family, a lot.

He tells me to knock on his door before I come in and he has started locking the bathroom door already. The lock which I put high up because I didn't want the younger ones locking themselves in there. He's started taking more pride in his appearance and will only wear certain brand clothes and he wants to grow his hair so he can use hair gel, lol. He uses words like "sick" (apparently that means cool) and other random words that I'm all like "Eh?, what does THAT means?" 

He also keeps on about wanting a mobile phone but I still think ten years old is too young.  I mean, it's ME that'll have to top it up all the time and I don't even buy credit for myself. Perhaps when he goes to high school he can have a phone. I'm really not sure what the 'right' age is for Harry to have a phone?? I mean, who will he call? Who will he text? He see's his friends every day at school (and after school because some live on our street), he speaks to family on the phone (or xbox - which I closely monitor).. Phones are not allowed in school, they have to hand them in at the office before they go into class. I know he is mature for his age and I would trust him with a phone, that's not the problem. I just don't know why he *needs* a phone?! He has his whole adult life to have a phone. *sigh* 

I love watching my kids grow up but it does sadden me at the same time... it's totally is bittersweet. I love hearing about there days at school and what they've been learning. I love that they are so smart and funny, witty and clever. They really are the most precious, most important people in my life. They ARE my life! I love every single second of being a mum. The ups.. the downs.. the smiles and the frowns. 
Why do they have to grow up so fast?! *sob*

Sarah xXx 

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