Meal planning Monday


Meal Planning Monday

I love meal planning. I save money because I know exactly what to buy from the supermarket each week and it is so nice being organised and knowing what to cook each evening! 
 I don't always meal plan because I like to use ups bits and bobs that are left in the freezer and cupboards. 

Monday - Battered chicken with fries (I need to use these up as they're left over from last week and I need the space in the freezer)

Tuesday - Cheese and potato pie with sausages 

Wednesday - Home made meat balls with pasta. 

Thursday - Sausage casserole (with carrots, peas parsnip and potatoes, gravy etc)

Friday - Home made chicken nuggets with home made chips and baked beans 

Saturday - Fish, mash and peas 

Sunday - Roast chicken with veg, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

Things to bake this week: Cookies and biscuits (because I already have all the ingredients and just because I can, lol)  Honestly, it saves me quite a bit of money baking my own instead of buying them, I'll bake them in a big batch! And they taste SO much better than shop brought ones. Plus, the kids will enjoy helping me bake!! Win!!

I have linked this post up with the linky over with at home with Mrs M :) 

Sarah xXx

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