Half term & Halloween plans!


Today has been stressful. It's just been on of those days. Actually October has been one of *those* months. You know, where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong?! Well, it's been a bit like that for me! I'm so not in the mood to go into everything right now but gah! Talk about stressful. Thinks could always be worse, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.. *sigh*

I am SO glad it's half term, hopefully we can have a relaxing half term.

We have plans to go trick or treating (weather permitting), I also need to make a dentist appt for all three kiddos, Charlie has been complaining his tooth feels strange.. hmm.

Harry hopes to be able to play football with his friends but errr, the weather is not looking too great for next week!

Charlie is really, REALLY looking forward to carving a pumpkin - well me doing the carving and him helping with the drawing lol. We did a cat last year! 

And Ellie, she keeps asking me if there's a halloween disco anywhere, I've got to look into that and make a few phone calls, there's usually a couple of discos local for kids but I've not seen any posters or had any flyers thrru the door. I shall have a nose around and see what we can find. Perhaps we should have our own mini disco....

Beautiful autumn tree I spotted!

We're also going to be doing some Halloween baking and cooking. Me and the kids have some really good ideas! :)

Also hopefully we'll be able to go for a nice Autumn walk (weather permitting!) We're yet to find a big pile of leaves to jump into.... lol. And a few other things from our autumn bucket list.

What are your plans for the half term and Halloween?

Sarah xXx

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