Owl crazy!!!


I am seriously crazy about owls. I've always, always loved owls. Ellie, my six year old daughter is also crazy about owls. We are just an 'owl crazy' household, lol.
Today I had to pop into Tesco to pick up a few bits and bobs that we needed. I always check out the sales while I'm in there to see if I can find any bargains! Today I found this:

It was suppose to be £10 reduced to £5! Talk about bargain! I actually saw this top last week and thought about buying it but for £10 on a t.shirt just wasn't worth it because it's almost winter and I wouldn't wear it much (not to mention I always feel so guilty for spending money on myself!) But £5 was a bargain so I snapped it up!! I got it in the next size up (I'm a size 10 but I went for a size 12) because I hate wearing t.shirts that are too tight, plus I can wear a white vest top under this top. I'm well chuffed with it. They also had owl PJ bottoms but they didn't have my size. I was devastated, haha. Maybe next time....

Sarah xXx 
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