The week that was: instagrammed #1.


I thought I would join in with Make do and push! Instagram/Photo linky. 
you can join in too. Please head over to Make do and push & link up. 

Our kitty Lenni. 
And my son Charlie doing his home work.
I can assure you he doesn't always sit so nicely and do it. 
Sometimes 'Homework time' is full of sobbing and asking "But why do I have to do homework?!!" 
He's getting better at doing it now though =)
 I'm proud of him for sitting so nicely and getting on with it.

This cat lives next door but he always comes to see us! 
We fed him some chicken, hehe. 
I'm known as the crazy cat lady, lol! 
I have two cats of my own Cats and I feed a stray cat. 
Also, some of the neighbours cats come and visit us, lol! 
(My next door neighbour doesn't mind me feeding her cat occasionally)

I dyed my hair. It was suppose to go a little red but it didn't. 
Never mind will try again in a few days. I might try a plum hair dye next time. 
Do you think it would suit me? 

Aww, my kitty! 
He's going thru a 'I want to chew everything' stage. 
Including fingers, lol!! 

My big cat 'Lotti' is 16 months (ish) old! Awww. Love her so much!
Ellie had 'Yellow' day at school to raise money for Air Ambulance. 
Harry had a hair cut, believe me he needed it! He wasn't too impressed but he has such thick hair (like me) that it goes a little wild if we leave it to grow. 
Also I got to review Jewel candle. Lovely they are.

Yesterday, we went for a walk in the meadow 
and collected acorns, when we got home we drew faces on them. 
We also picked blackberries which means we've already achieved two things on our Autumn bucket list
The picture of Lenni our kitten is from the other day 
but I only just got around to uploading it to instagram. Love him! 
He likes to lay under my laptop - I think he likes the heat, lol! 

Sarah xXx

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