Our Christmas in pics {2013}


The kids were SO excited Christmas eve. We left snacks out for Father Christmas and his reindeer's  along with the magic key & a glass of milk!
The kids woke up in the morning to find that Father Christmas had nibbled on his snacks and drank the whole glass of milk! "He sure was thirsty" said Ellie. Charlie noticed that the reindeer's had left teeth marks in the carrots, "How exciting" he said.

I was quite surprised how quickly the littles went to sleep on Christmas Eve. They were certainly tired and excited, bless them.

Father Christmas came when it was all quiet and everyone was asleep... He left lots of presents under the Christmas tree..

When the little's woke up in the morning they couldn't wait to get stuck into opening gifts! There were smiles and laughter all around! They got so many presents...

Harry & Charlie's favourite gift was there XBOX360 with games (joint gift) and there army toys. Ellie adores her Furreal interactive car "Daisy". "YAY, Father Christmas managed to find one" she said, remembering that Father Christmas had ran out of "Daisy kittens". (Ha, I couldn't find one in stick ANYWHERE! Was it toy of the year or something?!)

It took a while for them to open ALL of there lovely, amazing gifts!

Lots of yummy chocolates and awesome presents! Pens and pencils, arts and crafts and lots and lots of wrapping paper! What a great fun Christmas it was!

A new football each and some new Sylvanian families for Ellie's Sylvanian collection! "Yesss" Harry cheered "A Liverpool pool, just what I wanted" he was so excited, hehe.

I wish I had taken a photo of Harry's face when he saw the XBOX, honestly I thought he was gonna cry, awww!!

We enjoyed lots of lovely food and a traditional turkey roast dinner for lunch. Followed by sweets and chocolate treats.
Now I need to find space to put it all....

I also got some VERY amazing gifts. A new laptop (because my old one has practically died!), an owl diary - so cute, a onsie with owls on and some nice new slippers! Awesome!! I was totally 100% spoiled, I am so lucky to have an amazing fella and three amazing children. I feel very blessed and lucky!

Overall it was a jolly fabulous Christmas here!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. :-)

Sarah xXx

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  1. Aw it looks wonderful! Happy new year to you all xx

  2. Hope you had a fantastic time! Happy 2014 to you all xx

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for linking up at #ShareItSundays. Happy new year! x


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