Our Year In Photos {2013}


I can not believe how fast this year flown. It truly has gone so, so fast!!
2013 hasn't been a bad year I guess. It's had it's up and it's had it's downs. Full of smiles and of course, frowns, too!

In January, we had lots of snow!! The kids loved the snow

We also decorated the kids bedrooms. Harry and Charlie's room in a pleasant sky blue colour and Ellie's room in pink! Also, we organised them a lot better, too!

February - We were blessed with some really lovely weather! We went for lots of walks... walks a long the seafront and walks to the park! We thought spring was on it's way but we were wrong! We got a lot more snow!! We also made some homemade Valentines Day Cards which was good fun! Hehe.

In March, I turned twenty eight years old (I'm getting old, lol!) We also got A LOT more snow. We thought Spring was never gonna reach us, lol. We did have good fun in the snow though. Yay!
The home made Easter basket's we made turned out great!

Our Easter baskets.

In April there were finally signs of spring. Blue skies and pretty flowers, about time too, after all that snow, spring was VERY welcomed. We also went to Liverpool for a few days. We love Liverpool! The boys went to an under 18's football match at Anfield, which they loved! A trip to Liverpool city was amazing! We went in the 'World Museum' which was really good fun, also on the Mersy river ferry! Yay! That was pretty awesome.
Enjoying the lovely weather. Spring 2013.
Liverpool 2013

 Let's see... what happened in May? Oh yes. A trip to the seaside! We live right by the sea but we do not visit often enough! There's a pier with arcades and rides on, too! Really do need to go there more often!! I think it's something I  take for granted - living by the sea. Such fun ;D
Actually, May turned out to be a bit of a crud month for me. My T.V broke, my washing machine broke and so did my nice big freezer. Oh it was not a great month and I was quite glad when May was over to be honest.

When we went to the seaside.

In June I got to see world War Z at the Cinema. One of the best films I've seen for a long time! Not quite sure I like the idea of fast zombies - should a zombie Apocalypse happen of course, lol.
Ellie had a nice dance day at school - raising money for Charity and Charlie had a school trip. All good fun, hehe. 

June summer sun set!

July - such a busy month! Charlie turned EIGHT years old. I still can't believe he's eight to be honest... Eight and a half! Kids grow up so fast don't they?! We also got to enjoy lots of really lovely weather.
A photo I took on my phone.

Also it was the end of the school year. Woohoo.Lots of school activities going, and of course sports days! Harry won a silver medal for coming second in running, that was a lovely proud moment! Ellie's team won sports day, which was another proud moment! And Charlie won a race too - so proud of him! Aww.

Summer 2013. Lol @ Charlie's face when he opened his present!

In August we finally decorated the front room! Woohoo. In greys, white and black! The laminate flooring looks SO much better than the shabby carpet! So much more hygienic, too.
We also went to Liverpool again, which was awesome!! We went on a day out to Southport - somewhere I had never been before! It was great. The kids had a wonderful time, they went on a few rides and we had chips along the seafront. Such good fun!

Southport. August 2013.
At the end of August, early September, we got a new kitty! Yay! His name is Lenni!
The kids also went back to school in September. Ellie started in year one, Charlie in year four and Harry in year five! And Ellie turned SIX years old, wow.

Lenni, out new fur baby! Awww.
Back to school. September 2013.

October - Harry turned TEN. A whole decade old, eek! I feel old :-p
Lots of signs of Autumn, too. I love Autumn, I think it's my favourite time of year.
It was also Halloween! Harry dressed up as a werewolf, Charlie as a scary clown and Ellie as a black cat. Aww. Lots of Autumn arts and crafts were also created in October, hehe.

It's almost Autumn.. 

Ellie's Autumn finger print tree

Lets see what happened in November? Hmmm. 
We went to an awesome Fireworks display at the local school, that was great fun!We also started planning for Christmas!
Guy Fawkes night 2013

December is probably the busiest month of all. I think it's the same for everyone. What with the holidays and everything...
December I attended the kids school plays and singing concerts, which were really lovely. Lots of proud mummy moments there.We did lots of Christmas arts and crafts and put our Christmas tree up! We love Christmas so much!!

Christmas 2013! Exciting times!!

We are very much looking forward to 2014!The kids turn a year older, I turn a year older (boo!), hopefully we'll have some good luck and good health! We're looking forward to the spring and lots of ourdoor activities, trips to the beach, visiting family and friends up north (hopefully!) and so much more. It'll be Harry's last year at Primary School starting in September. This time next year I'll be preparing for him to go up to high school - now THAT is a scary thought, but exciting at the same time!

Look out for my Goals in 2014 post in the very near future.

Sarah xXx

Lotti, our big fur baby - about 14 months old. Summer 2013. 

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  1. Looks like a fun and busy year! Thanks for linking up! :)

    anna (intheplayroom)

  2. You have been really busy.
    What a fun year.

    Here's to a very happy 2014. Thanks for linking up

  3. Replies
    1. I know, it's craziness!! Ellie will be seven in 2014. My youngest... turning seven, that seems unreal lol! x x

  4. His face with his present is priceless! What a great smile :D
    I'm not keen on fast zombies either - they should definitely be shambling :D

  5. What a wonderful post, it's so nice to look back at everything you've done isn't it. Especially in photos - that's what I did too. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year :)

  6. Lovely post. Sounds like a good year.
    Love the fingerprint tree.

  7. you are still so young!!! not even 30 yet, wait til you reach my old age lol
    you seem to have had a great year - so many lovely photos. i adore the finger print tree painting - how clever. you cannot beat a trip to the seaside can you?
    thank you for linking up and i hope 2014 is even better for you all x x

  8. Sorry to hear about May (my birthday month) - hope it's a better one this year. 10 and 28 are great ages :) Happy 2014 to you.


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