Kids home made Christmas decorations {Christmas tradition}


Today we made some home made Christmas decorations. Making Christmas decorations is one of our Christmas traditions. We do it every year. Last year we made salt dough ornaments. I LOVE to see home made Christmas ornaments and decorations on my tree. Especially ones my little ones have made. It just wouldn't be the same without them!  
Not that the boys were really into it this year :/ Still, at least Ellie was eager, hehe. 

The other week I picked up some clear plastic heart 'baubles' from The Range. £1.99 for 6. Perfect! We already had lots of glitter and sequins and a few other bits and bobs left from past arts and crafts. They're all quite cheap to pick up though, I usually look in the 99p shop, poundland etc.

We opened up our hearts, spread some PVA glue on and sprinkled glitter and sequins inside:

Ellie added lots of snow flake sequins and some stars to hers! And of course some pretty purple glitter, hehe.

We also cut out some Christmas tree's and stars. We used scrap book card which I picked up cheap from somewhere... I can't remember where, we have had it for ages. On one side it already had glitter on and the other side was plain, we decorated the plain side to make a double sided decoration!

We used spongey balls to decorate the Christmas tree's, "they look like baubles" said Ellie. We also added bits of coloured foil for tinsel and of course glitter and sequins to make the tree's sparkles.

Ellie's decorations.
Ellie is really proud to see her Christmas baubles on the tree, yay! And Charlie already made a Christmas Angel at school, for the top of our tree. Bless. And I of course, am really proud to show them off on the Christmas tree, aww.

The Angel Charlie made.
 Have you done any Christmas arts and crafts recently? I'd love to see! :)

Tomorrow we might make some snowflakes, hopefully the boys will be feeling creative and join in. 

Sarah xXx

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