Santa claus is coming to town..


It's been a really busy couple of weeks here. What with Christmas coming up and everything.
The kids Christmas plays were this week. Three indivudual plays - the boys at junior school, Charlie's year first, then Harry's year the following day. Both were based on the 'Christingle' story. Which I have never heard before! So that was cool to learn something new and of course, to see the boys perform there lovely festive songs along with actions and dancing, super cool! I am very proud of them both. They also had there Christmas parties at school today and were excited to take in some party food and a DVD to watch & share with there class mates, aww. Needless to say, they both had good fun! Hehe.

My daughters Christmas play was today! Her school told the story of "Whoopsie Daisy Angel", another play I'd never seen or heard the story of before, so that was cool too! Ellie was a carol singer and she sang beautifully along with her class mates, bless them! She had her Christmas disco today, which she certainly enjoyed, a lot. Aww.

Tomorrow is the last day of term, the kids will probably be doing lots of fun activities as it's the last day at school (and the last day they'll attend school in 2013!).
I've also got a busy day (again) tomorrow, the dreaded Christmas food shop. I thought about doing it online, but what if my order gets messed up?! Oh my days. I think I'll be brave and attempt the supermarket. I'll go early, lol.  I still need to get a few more stocking fillers for the kids, too.

Add the kitten being sick and trips to the vets to all of the above, and I've had a bit of a headache lately, as well as the usual housework etc, you can imagine how busy I've been, lol. It's worth it though, maybe we'll have a chilled out Christmas =)

I did attempt to go Christmas shopping the other day but I wasn't very successful. I've also had family visiting a lot this week. My brother, his girlfriend and my niece spent the day with us on Tuesday, which was really lovely! It was SO good to see them all. And then yesterday my mum, other brother, sister and my mums fella spent a couple of hours at ours. Again, it was great to see them! This evening my mum, other sister and nephew came to see us! Gosh, it's been busy here, lol. I am so behind on blogging, hopefully this weekend (after I've blitzed the house) I'll be able to catch up on blogging. My laptop needs formatting (AGAIN!) but I've had zero time lately, so maybe I'll have a chance to do that again. I need t o back up pictures on the external hard drive. I don't want to loose over 5000 photos!

It's 10:07pm, I have so much to do. I think I'm gonna straighten up the Christmas and then head to bed.

Night all.

Sarah xXx

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