December is stressful.


This week has been stressful. It's only Tuesday but feels like it should be Friday, lol. December is always a stressful month for everyone. Unless you're organized, which I am not, lol!  

I've had a constant headache, again. I am so sure that stress plays a huge part in the headaches. Speaking of headaches, I had a hospital appointment yesterday about my eyes as I have a "brain condition" it affects my eyes, too. Apparently it looks ok behind my eyes, a little pale but ok. I have to go back for follow up appointments. I was so relieved when the doctor said that the pressure behind my eyes has not built up. Which means I don't need a lumbar puncture, thank goodness because that is horrendous experience.

Today, I went grocery shopping! Never again!! Oh my goodness, it was CHAOS. I could barely move in Morrisons. I know it's expected at this time of year, what with it being Christmas and everything but gosh!! So many people and so little space, lol. Speaking of Christmas, I have barely started my Christmas shopping, I've no idea what to get... anyone. The kids already have so many toys (that they do not play with!). Ellie wants a Furreal talking cat, which is out of stock everywhere. I have ordered it from a catalog because they are guaranteed to have it in time for Christmas. So fingers crossed for that!
Unfortunately my grandparents can't make it to ours on Christmas day (it's a long story), so I will be rearranging plans and what not, but that's ok. I understand they can't make it (as much as they wanted to come.) but will come for the day over the festive season.
I finally found a Christmas tree within my budget (because it was half price) from Argos. Hopefully that will be here this week. Although, I am not feeling at all Christmasy like I was last week but I think that's because I am so stressed. I am gonna have a nice hot bubble bath after my work out tonight. And then have an early night I think!

The kids have been very over excited, I think they're excited for Christmas. They have been very full of energy, lol.  I am so looking forward to there school festivities. Ellie is a carol singer in her Christmas play, awww. Harry and Charlie are yet to find out what they are doing for there Christmas play. So exciting though. The little's have there Christmas dinner at school next week. Lots of other Christmas related things coming up too... Christmas parties etc.

Right well, I best go cook dinner and all the usual, boring house chores, while the kiddies are entertaining themselves with LEGO.

Sarah xXx

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