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Who doesn't love chocolate? Especially at this time of year. So when I was asked if I'd like to review Hotel Chocolate I of course said yes!!

I chose the The Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection box of chocolates to review. A little something for myself to try for a change. A nice adult treat!

I love the box the chocolates came in. It's very bright, pretty and festive!I couldn't wait to tuck in! 
There are a very good selection of chocolates that are presented really lovely. This box contains twenty eight chocolates incluiding - "White Chocolate & Vanilla Bell - Cast in our exquisitely creamy more-cocoa white chocolate with vanilla essence and seeds, Dark Christmas Tree - Cast in our classically smooth dark chocolate with deep aromas and punchy cocoa notes, 50% Milk Bauble - Deeply chocolaty but still gorgeously milky – made with less sugar and more cocoa" and many more! Some of these chocolates DO contain alcohol. The chocolates are really lovely festive shapes, including, stars, Christmas trees, baubles,  bells and many more. They actually looked too good to eat. But ha! That didn't stop me, lol! (So much for the diet! But who cares? It is nearly Christmas... Christmas is a time for indulging!)

I offered these to my family when they visited and they all said how unique and delicious they tasted! I really enjoyed the Dark Christmas Tree chocolate. They are quite rich and have a strong chocolatey taste, which makes the flavour unique, especially the ones that contained alcohol. I like rich chocolate but couldn't eat too many at once. There was a couple I wasn't too sure about but they do make a lovely treat. And they would certainly make a lovely gift for someone.
(Please note that some of these chocolates DO contain alcohol! It's important to read the label first)

Hotel Chocolate sell a wide range of Christmas chocolates and have some really lovely Christmas gifts, so if like me, you are still searching for the perfect gift for someone why not check out Hotel Chocolate's gift ideas! You can also follow hotel chocolate on twitter & Facebook.

Sarah xXx

I was sent these chocolates for the purpose of this review.

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