Reasons to be cheerful (week 49) #R2BC


This week has been very hectic and stressful. People always comment about how positive I am but truth is, this week I am really not feeling positive at all! I think it's because I am stressed about Christmas (this time of year is very stressful), wondering how I'm going to fit everything in and get everything in time (especially when everything is out of stock everywhere) and I have a huge headache for the best part of the week so far. So I need this linky again this week, to remind myself there are reasons to be cheerful...

1) I am pleased that I do not need another lumbar puncture, that's good news. The pressure behind my eyes looks 'normal'. I need to make an appt with my GP though.
2) Exsercise. I feel better in myself for exsercicing more! I have been using the excersie bike every night. Even if I only manage half an hour - it's something, which is better than nothing. I have also done A LOT of walking this week.
3) The kids make me cheerful, some of thing the things they come out with is dead funny. We have had a few funny moments this week. Ellie makes me laugh, I told her yesterday that she had to help me clean up her room (Trying to teach her to pick up after herself, I know she only six and I don't expect her to do much, just as long as she tries, you know?) Anyway, she said "I'm in a mood to helping" followed by a cheeky giggle.  I was like "Huh?" She meant "I'm immune to helping" Cheeky madam, she did make me chuckle though. She actually enjoyed helping me, we went thru all of her toys and picked out ones to giveaway to charity because she doesn't want/need/grown out of them. We've made room for all the Christmas toys to come... I love de-cluttering.
4) We are putting our Christmas tree up next week. Not until the 10th, I don't really wanna put it up any sooner because I know my kitten will destroy it. The littles are SO excited for Christmas.

Sarah xXx

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