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So back in September we got a new kitten. We got him from a cat (charity) rescue place. He's been absolutely fine until the last month or so. A little on the small side but healthy and happy.
We think he had cat flu, got antibiotics for that. He seemed to get better but as soon as the antibiotics ran out... he was poorly again. Back to the vets. More antibiotics and blood tests and we still don't know what's wrong with him. We (as in the vet and myself) think it's something to do with his liver. Also, he now has to have senior cats diet or low protein. Poor kitty! He's five months old but the size of a 10-12 weeks old kitten. He is TINY! He's now on more antibiotics and medicine. He may need more tests after Christmas. Just see how he is after the meds and antibiotics.

I really hope he's going to be ok. I can't imagine life without him. Now, I know that sounds totally daft to some people because he is "only a cat". He's actually like part of the family now. The kids adore him, too! He does seem to be getting better again, running around like a loony and chasing Lotti, our big cat around the house, lol. It's nice to see him getting back to his old self again. He's so affectionate and loving & things would certainly not be the same without him.

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