It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


I am really starting to look forward to Christmas now, things are slowly coming together. I finally have my Christmas tree up. Everywhere was out of stock on the ones I liked but I did find one that's ok! Not as bushy as I expected but it'll do us perfectly. And it looks very pretty with the Christmas lights on. Thankfully my kitties have left the tree alone so far *touch wood*. Last year was.... interesting lol. The cat (I only had one cat then) thought the baubles were for her and that the tree would make an excellent climbing frame lol. I've also put some Christmas window stickers on our front door and front windows :-) Yay!

I have wrapped up some presents and wrote out a few cards. I will finish the cards sometime this week, when I get time and remember to hand them out this year, lol.
 Also this week, I'll be doing some Christmas arts & crafts with the little's. We already made our Christmas cards. I really want to make our own bauble (this has become a tradition).. and we have a couple of things to review, which will be fun!

I've nowhere near finished Christmas shopping yet. Hopefully after next weekend, we'll be done and I can relax a little before Christmas. I still need to find something for Ellie to wear on Christmas day! Am sure she's gone thru yet another growth spurt, lol. She has outgrown SO many clothes!! Is it just my kids that seem to grow like weeds? Two blinks and they've grown two inches or five lol.

The little ones are VERY excited for Christmas. They have a busy couple of weeks at school. With Christmas dinners, Christmas plays, carol singing and Christmasy school trips! How exciting, hehe.I am really looking forward to there school Christmas plays, always plenty of proud mummy moments :o)

We went to Ellie Christmas fair at her school yesterday, that was great fun! We won a couple of prizes on the raffle/tombola. And some prizes in the lucky dip, hehe. Such fun! Ellie also got to see Santa, she wasn't too keen on the idea but she was easily persuaded with a present, lol. 

Are you all set for Christmas?

Sarah xXx

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