Angry Birds, The Great Egg Hunt (press out and play book) review.


My children are massive angry birds fans. Especially my middle son, Charlie who is eight years old! Anything to do with angry birds has his attention and the Angry birds, the great egg hunt pull out and play book most certainly had his attention!

"The birds have discovered a map showing them the location of their precious stolen eggs!
All they have to do is follow the map, solve the clues and build and destroy their way through this book to find their booty. Pages of press-out pieces and instructions to create dastardly constructions complete this innovative new title."

The book has two parts. As you open it, on the right side are the press out parts and the left side is a book full of ideas and instructions to build the towers. There's also a map!  

This book is very interactive and great fun! Charlie opened up the book and got building straight away. You just press out the pieces and start building the tower/constructions! You can create your own or follow the instructions in the book! The pieces just press out and they all link together really easily. They are also quite flexible. they also press back into the book easily, too. This kept all three of my little ones entertained for ages. It's something they can all build and do together, too.


There are eighty pieces to press out, towers to build with birds to sling into them and pigs to destroy.
My little's loved building the towers and placing the piggies. They thought it was great fun slinging the birds at them and knocking over the towers!! Charlie preferred creating his own towers, using his imagination.
It really is a great interactive book and is hours of fun!

(This book is aged 5+ and is priced at £14.99)

Sarah xXx

We received this book for the purpose of this review. This is my own, honest, personal opionion. 

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  1. I love how interactive it is!! thanks for linking with #ReadWithMe I have tweeted and pinned this post x

  2. Sounds great!! Lucas is an angry bird fan too.. he has a new angry bird toy for his birthday.


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