Onestopcraftshop - stockings and Decoupage {review}.

14:21 is an online craft shop that stocks just about anything you'd need for your arts and crafts. They sell all kinds of things! From We were sent a few samples from scrapbooking supplies, to card making, they sell some baking products and craft essentials! All reasonably priced, too! to review, including Christmas stockings, Decoupage Lacquer (fabric) and some decoupage paper to decorate the stockings with! As well as some felt.And of course a brush for the decoupage Lacquer.

 The Christmas stockings are a very good size 90cm x 30cm and are 100% cotton. We were also sent three types of decoupage paper. Which is very festive and perfect for decorating the stockings!It's easy to cut or even tear, the felt was also very handy and Ellie loves how soft it is!

Ellie could not wait to get stuck in! She'd never used decoupage paper before. And I hadn't done it for years! It was definitely good to do something a little different and unique. I showed her how to decoupage. We brushed on some decoupage lacquer onto the stocking, she then cut out some shapes (Christmas trees!) using the decoupage paper and felt and stuck them onto the stocking. Then we brushed over some decoupage lacquer, it was really good fun, she really enjoyed decorating her own (very large) stocking, hehe.

Christmas crafts

The decoupage lacquer stuck the paper and felt shapes on really well! We did use quite a bit as it's a large stocking but it worked wonderfully. It kept Ellie entertained for a good hour or so. I am a firm believer in letting my little ones be creative and use there own imaginations. I love encouraging them to do arts and crafts, I love seeing there final results. I did have to start Ellie off a little and help her with scissors but after that, I just let her get on and do her own thing, using her own imagination.
Ellie really enjoyed this activity!
My two boys are going to decoupage there stockings after school today! Ellie is excited to show them how it's done, hehe.

The final result!
Please head over to And check out there amazing products and more information. You can also follow them on Twitter, too! 

Sarah xXx

Disclosure: We were sent these samples for the purpose of this review

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