A beautiful garden.


On Saturday, we went over to my grandparents to visit them. They  live on a country park, in a lodge/cabin. It's super cool! They haven't lived there very long but my grandads garden is coming a long really well! He's put so much work and effort into it. It's beautiful

My grandads beautiful garden

I took advantage and had a walk around his garden and around the park, of course I had to take lots of photos.

Very pretty flowers

I love the tulip!

My grandads lovely garden and pretty flowers.

Aren't all the flowers pretty?! And my grandads garden is going to look so pretty in the summer! There's so many flowers that haven't bloomed yet, I can't wait to go back in a few weeks to see the difference! It's os beautiful where they live, I'd love to live somewhere like that. So peaceful and quiet, in the middle of nowhere. Maybe one day...

A beautiful tulip.

I'll post more photos of more flowers in another post :) I took sooo many! We had such a lovely day.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Lovely garden and what a beautiful day. Have you read the Book Thief yet?

    1. I haven't yet, it is deffo my next read though!! Is it good? x

  2. Lovely garden :)

  3. Beautiful, and I bet the children love spending time at the grandparents too

  4. I love those feathered tulips - so striking but delicate :)


  5. Such an assortment of flowers in his garden, it's beautiful. I look at my father-in-laws garden and always wish mine were like it , he spends hours in his every week to get it to look how it does so I've started spending an hour a day in my own garden - amazing how fast things improve when you do that - there's hope for me to have a nice garden yet then!

    Thanks for joining in again and sharing xx

  6. Such a beautiful garden, so much colour!

  7. Such a pretty garden, the bird house on the trellis is a nice touch. Is the flower in that last photo a tulip?

  8. What a pretty garden. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. what a lovely space! looks very quiet and peaceful

  10. It is a beautiful garden =) #HDYGG

  11. What a wonderful collection of blooms. I adore those fuzzy tulips, they're just fabulous. The garden itself looks incredible, must have been great to spend some time there :)

  12. Wow how wonderful to live right inside a country park - you must love visiting. And not surprising with all the gorgeous flowers in the garden too.

  13. Beautiful Photos Hunnie! :) #HDYGG

  14. How amazing to live inside a country park! That last photo is just lovely #HDYYG

  15. A log cabin in a park sound like a wonderful place to live. Love your tulip photos #hdygg

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