Reasons to be cheerful 1..2..3. #R2BC


Reasons to be cheerful

Trying to find the positives again this week. I've been feeling a bit miserable because I STILL have a headache! It seems to have eased off a bit this morning *touch wood* I've got lots of housework and washing to catch up, oh the joys, eh?! Still though, there's lots of reasons to be cheerful.. I think..

1) We had a fantastic Easter. I hosted a Easter egg hunt for the kids, which they really enjoyed! They got so many Easter eggs from family and friends. I think they'll still be eating Easter chocolate at Christmas, lol. (I still need to write our Easter post but I've had a headache and can't sit too long at the computer)

2) I'm hoping to go to my grandparents this weekend, providing my headache doesn't get really bad again! It'll be really lovely to see them.

3) It's nice to be back into school routine, I miss the kids a lot when they're at school. It's just to have a routine and something to aim for, you know?

4) The kids have got quite a few certificates lately. Harry's got one for good attendance and good behavior. Charlie's gotten one for homework, good attendance and good behavior. Ellie also got a certificate for attendance and is apparently in the golden book this week for her lovely literacy work. I am SO incredibly proud of them all.

Charlie's attendance badge:

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  1. Happy to hear you've had a lovely Easter and a big congrats to your kids on all their awards, how fantastic!!
    I hope you feel better soon sweet x

  2. Glad to read you have found reasons to be cheerful despite not feeling too well! Hope you feel better soon x

  3. Have you been checked for your headaches, its been a while! So glad you had a nice Easter xx

    1. Yeah, I suffer with intercranial idiopathic hypertension. Not sure if I need another lumbar puncture or not. Need to see the neurologist really. I'll make an appt with my GP when he's back from annual leave.

  4. Congrats to the certificates! I am glad too that school started and my son is back to his old schedule. No more erratic routines again for us too. #R2BC

  5. It's lovely when the kids are recognised at school for things. Hope you find some relief from the headaches soon.

  6. There is a real feeling you are a bit down for sure in this post and I always find it is at these times Reasons to be Cheerful is at its most powerful. Get that headache checked out with your GP - look after yourself so you can keep looking after your loved ones. Hope you are back to smiling soon,

  7. yay to Easter, family and successful kids!
    Hope your headache has eased

  8. Hope you feel better soon, def get your headaches checked out if no better next week, my sister in law had cluster headaches which really got to her they sounded painful. Well done on all those certificates! X


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