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This week #TheGallery theme is 'Easter'.

We had a wonderful Easter. The kids got quite a few Easter eggs. I think they'll still be eating Easter eggs at Christmas, lol.

Easter eggs
Some of the kids eggs
I also got an Easter egg, which I totally feel guilty about eating! And I am suppose to be on a glutten and dairy free diet but...but... it was Easter and I couldn't NOT have chocolate, haha. Excuses, excuses - I know! It was very yummy though!

Easter egg

I'll be writing a post about our Easter (with photos!) when my headache isn't so bad. I can't sit at the computer for very long :/

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)

Sarah xXx

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  1. I ate to much dairy... paying for it!! Pains are back :(

    1. Aww :( It sucks. I had stomach ache on and off for a couple of days. Feels a bit better today! No more dairy for me!!

  2. Ooo lots of choccy Eggs, my kids have wolfed through theirs already :/ #MadMidWeekBlogHop

  3. Still finishing some of what he got from the in-laws =P

    Easter is so chocolatey lush #mmwbh


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