Bloating and tummy ache.


Recently I have been suffering with tummy ache after I've eaten certain foods. I also bloat a lot, too! Sometimes I bloat so much that I look like I'm seven month pregnant, which makes me really self conscious. More self conscious than I already am.
I've never, ever had this problem before, it just kind of... happened.

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome, however, the tablets I was prescribed don't do anything for the tummy ache or bloating. I was also diagnosed with acid reflux, which the tablets control really well!

I have since tried cutting out gluten, which has helped a lot! Don't get me wrong, I do still get bloated (especially after I've eaten bread) but not nowhere near like I was before, the tummy ache isn't as frequent either. I do think gluten has something to do with it but I haven't been officially diagnosed or anything (yet). I will mention it to my doctor at my next appointment though.

It's just weird that I haven't ever had anything like this before and now suddenly I've started to bloat, feel uncomfortable and suffer with tummy ache after I've eaten. It does only happen with certain foods. Pasta, bread, milk and anything too fatty are food that I try to avoid when I can. The cracking from the pork was a mistake! It's hard though, when I'm cooking the kids dinner, (meal planning etc) and it smells and looks so good. I do eat a lot of fresh foods now, rather than processed and fatty foods. I eat a lot of fruits and some veggies, etc.

I guess it's all trial and error at the moment. Finding foods that DO agree with me and eliminating those that don't.

So if any of you lovely people have any gluten free recipes or food products you think I should try, please feel free to share with me. Like I said, it's all trail and error at the moment.

Sarah xXx

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  1. I have treat type recipes and a nice pasty one on my blog I think (I should just know shouldn't i lol) I've been free of wheat gluten (two very different things!) and dairy for years and feel much better. I was tired bloated and on the toilet with one problem or the other! Tmi but it is what it is! I never did get tested but I know what makes me feel ill and I'm not going to eat it. Now it's easy and even the kids will eat the pasta or treats without question!xx


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