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A close up of Harry. He has lovely blue eyes. He's only 10 and already started get pimples. He's growing up too fast for my liking!

A close up of Charlie/ He has big blue eye,s too! He has freckles in the summer, when the sun is out. Cute little freckles on his nose, I'll have to get a picture when those are showing. So cute!

A picture of Ellie's blue eyes close up! They all have blue eyes! Blue eyes and blonde hair.
Personally I have green eyes. I tried to take a photo of mine close up but it was difficult, I'll get someone else to take a photo one day. Mind you, the whites of my eyes have many blood vessels showing because I have problems with my eyes.

And I had to share the close up photo of my beautiful cat Lotti. She has lovely, pretty cat eyes, hehe.

Sarah. xXx


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  1. Nice eyes =) #TheGallery

  2. Gorgeous, I chose eyes too. They really look into someone's soul x

  3. Gorgeous blue eyes! My kids have blue eyes too….not from me though!

  4. gorgeous children and cat! x


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