The weather has been rather rubbish lately. It's been ever so unpredictable and we haven't had much of a chance to really go outside. However, we did find the break in the weather though.

Charlie on his scooter
Charlie, ready for a scoot
Harry had rounders club after school today, thankfully the rain stopped so when it was time to go and collect him, the little's had a chance to ride there scooters on the way home, yay!

On her scooter
Ellie on her scooter.
They love there scooters! They're all very good at scooting, hehe. 

We also managed to get outside int he back garden a few times, only for half an hour at a time, while the rain stopped! It's great fun in there new playhouse!! Yay! :)
Ellie is the playhouse. So exciting having a playhouse!!
We also put Charlie's tent up in the back garden. The tent he got for his Birthday last year. Charlie really loves his tent, as does Harry, as did I when I was there age. I use to spend hours playing in my tent, hehe. 

H looks pleased.

We are really looking forward to some sunny days (hopefully soon!) so that we can have lots of fun outside. Especially in the playhouse and tent!
What have you been up to lately?

Sarah xXx

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  1. sounds like some nice activities, oh i wish he weather would improve as well

  2. Ha Ha My Charlie and Harry also love tents, their Nanny and Granddad always put one up for them at family Barbecues ! Great post #countrykids

  3. It looks like you've used the breaks in the bad weather for some great outdoor fun, love the bright playhouse. Roll on the Summer for lots more fun outside. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Oh wow stunning pics! #whatsthestory

  5. I am with you we need more sunny days. I am sick of being inside and doing the same old boring things. hahaha I love the photos though on your chance to get outside. So cute. Lovely post. #whatsthestory

  6. I'm after a tent for N, I reckon he'd love it, although his dad reckons they're going to sleep on the trampoline one night - can see the OH being the one to come inside to his comfortable bed before N

  7. I'm glad you managed to get some time outside - it makes everybody happier doesn't it!

  8. A new playhouse and tent, sounds fantastic! My kids would love it.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  9. We LOVE our scooters - my kids have all been really late learning to ride bikes. Scooters rule!

  10. #letkidsbekids..... sorry forgot!

  11. Fab pics. Gorgeous little ones. :)


  12. It's always great to get outdoors and enjoy some fun in the fresh air isn't it. Especially when there are tents and scooters involved! Let's hope the sun arrives to stay soon. Lovely post, thank you for sharing #whatsthestory


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